Scope Of B.Tech In Pakistan

Right through this post we would be having a detail discussion about the scope of the B Tech in the Pakistan. If you are all clear with your FSC pre engineering then its time for you to take admission in the B Tech program. You would be much aware related with the scope of the B Tech in Pakistan. There are so many private as well as public universities in Pakistan that are offering high quality of educational services in this course of B Tech program.

Scope Of B.Tech In Pakistan


What To Know About B Tech Program in Pakistan?

B Tech is the abbreviation of the Bachelors of Technology. This is basically the four years (HONS) undergraduate level programme that is hence offered by few of the famous and well known technology universities in Pakistan. In this program you would be able to get into the study of the concepts that are related with the Electronics Engineering all along with the Electrical Engineering.

What Is The B-Tech Admission Eligibility Terms and Conditions?

For taking admission in this program it is important that the applicant should be having three years Diploma in the course of the Associate Engineering (DAE) that is all affiliated by PBTE.
Plus the applicants who are having the FSc pre-Engineering all with the score of minimum 50% marks.

List of Different B Tech (Hons) Programme:

All the universities offered different courses and programs in the B Tech Honors course. Some of the common programmes are:
B Tech in course of Electrical Engineering
B Tech in course of Electronic Engineering
B Tech in course of Civil Engineering
B Tech in course of Mechanical Engineering
B Tech in course of Chemical Engineering
B Tech in course of Information Technology
B Tech in course of Communication Engineering

Different Types of Career Options In B Tech Scope In Pakistan:

By holding the degree of the B. Tech in your hands, you would be left with so many career options in Pakistan. Some of the common career options are:
Industrial Sectors
Private Business Centers
Educational Institutions
Research Centers
Science Laboratories
Government Houses
Cottage Industry
Pakistan Navy and Army Forces
Textile Industries
Chemical Factories
Research Organizations
Steel Mills Areas
Quality Testing Labs
Vocational Training Centers

List of Various Employment Areas In B.Tech In Pakistan:


The degree of the B.Tech do open with its doorways in so many educational institutions as being the professor. You can work in the educational universities who are in the need of the professors for B.Tech programs.

Mechanical Consultant:

You can also step into the mechanical industries with the employment option of being the mechanical consultant. It is best option with highest salary too.

Research Center Advisor:

You can also move into the research center areas as the advisor of the company. This is another one of the best employment option.

Workshops Consultant:

You can also get connected with some of the workshops as being the part of their consultant and advisor post.

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