Scope Of B.COM IT In Pakistan

We all know that B.COM is one of the most important degrees in Pakistan but now B.COM is introducing with its another main category known by the name of B.COM IT. Now the main question that do hit so many minds is that what is the scope and criteria of the B.COM IT in Pakistan. All by the way of this post, we will be highlighting down with some of the main factors about the scope of B.COM IT in Pakistan.

Scope Of B.COM IT In Pakistan


Importance of B.COM IT in Pakistan:

There is a huge percentage of the students who are moving into the sectors of the banks and accounting for making the high earning. But in order to get into all these employment areas it is important that you should step into the study of the program that is related with all these fields such as B.COM IT. Through the learning of the B.COM IT, you would be able to get a best command over the access of the information technology and commerce.

List of Important Subjects in B.COM IT Program:

B.COM IT is basically known out to be the program that is categorized as the 2 years of the study program. Some of the universities have been offering this program in the form of the semester system. Each single university has its own syllabus of B.COM IT. Some of the common subjects that are part of the B.COM IT subject are as follows:
Principles of Accounting
Business Statistics
Introduction to Business
Money, Banking and Finance
Functional English
Computer Applications
Pakistan Studies
Cost Accounting
Business Taxation
Business Law
Advanced Accounting
Report Writing
Islamic Studies
Business Communication

List of Employment Areas In BCOM IT in Pakistan:

Now we will be discussing some of the main options of the employment areas in the subject program of the BCOM IT in Pakistan:
Insurance Companies
Income Tax Firms
Stock Exchange
It Departments of Public and Private Organizations
HR Departments
Finance Departments
Audit departments
Cash departments
Civil services
Investment Companies
Financial Institutions
Leasing Companies
Chamber of Commerce Stores
Marketing Departments

Different Options of Further Study After BCOM IT in Pakistan:

MA economics
Msc in Banking and Finance
Msc in Supply Chain Management
Msc in HRM
Msc in Project Management

Who Can Apply For BCOM IT Program Study?

Only those students are free enough to apply for the BCOM IT study degree program who have passed their intermediate with the 45% of the score credit. It might be possible that some of the universities have their own criteria of undergoing with the admission of the BCOM IT.


We hope that right through this post you must have got enough information related with the scope of the BCOM IT in Pakistan. It is no doubt high with its scope and employment options and this is the main reason that it is being taken into custody by the majority of the boys percentage.

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