Scope Of Architecture In Pakistan

Do you want to know that what sort of scope is being carried out in the degree of the architecture? There is no doubt about the fact that within Pakistan, architecture field is considered to be one of the most famous and one of the leading fields in Pakistan. If you are thinking about moving into the architecture field then it is important that you should take the first step into the bachelor field. Right through this post, we would be discussing about the scope of the architecture and what sort of career options it would be providing for you.

Scope Of Architecture In Pakistan

Scope Of Architecture In Pakistan

Introduction About Architecture Program in Pakistan:

Bachelor of Architecture is known by the name of B.Arch and Masters of Architecture as M. Arch. In this course study you would be able to get into the research of the various drawing skills along with the research and writing too. You can even put yourself in learning about the advance computer applications all along with the architectural application and technical aptitudes. As you would be looking around in the educational world you would find that the scope of the architecture field is getting massive growing in the students and so as in the Pakistan. It would not be wrong to say that it is hence becoming one of the largest sector of development and investment in the Pakistani economy. To study it just be sure that you search for the best educational universities.

Main and Important Employment Areas For Architecture in Pakistan:

Some of the main and important employment areas in the field of architecture in Pakistan are as follows:
Public Works Department (PWD)
Department of Railways
Department of Post and Telegraph
National Building Organization
Town and Country Planning Organization
National Institutes of Urban Affairs
Housing and Urban Development Corporations
Architecture and Building Development Firms
Private Construction Organizations

Important Job Types In Architecture in Pakistan:

If you want to know about some of the important job types in Pakistan in the field of architecture then get ready and scroll down to catch with some amazing job type options for you:
Architectural Technician
Architectural theoretician
Architectural conservator
Architectural engineer
Architectural technologist
Architecture Professor
Architecture Critic
Architecture Photographer
Building Control Officer
Building inspector

Main and Important Architecture Major Subjects in Pakistan:

It is vitally important that you should know about some of the major subjects that are included in your field study of architecture in Pakistan:
Interior Design
History of Architecture
Introduction of Urban economics


As regard the specialization field has been concerned, then the field of architecture would be making you provide with so many categories of specialization such as Green Architecture as well as Museum Architecture along with Theater Architecture and even with the Landscape Architecture. You can make yourself to be the part of this program study if you are holding at least 60% marks of intermediate in your hands. Trust us! you would be finding this field study a lot interesting and amazing to explore out in the future! Be the part of it right now!

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