Russia Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students

If you would be giving a survey on the educational centers in Russia then you would get to learn that there are about the range of 600 universities that are offering high quality of educational services in Russia country. For the sake of the international students, Russia has been offering the international students with the wide range of the bachelor studies. It is to be mentioned that Russia is also known out to be the member of European Higher Education Area. But the main basic question that do hit so many minds is that what sort of visa application process is being followed up in terms of study visa application! In this post, we are discussing Russia Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students.

Russia Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students

Russia Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students
Main and Important Documents Required For Russia Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students:

It is important that you should first of all be submitting the acceptance approval letter from the university center of Russia in which you have apply.
Plus you should also be providing with the valid National passport that should have at least 2 blank pages for the purpose of the visas.
In addition you should also attach with 2-3 professional photos with the white background.
The documents which you would be attaching with the application form they should be showing the main reason of your visit. You should also not miss out providing with your recent diploma or educational certificate all along with the confirmation paper of the payment directly from the University or College.
In the medical fitness test evidence you should be providing with the official HIV (AIDS) Test Certificate.

How To Apply For Russia Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students?

The study visa of the Russia would merely be given to the students who have just made their way to Russia for the purpose of education. You can start applying for the visa as soon as you would be getting the approval acceptance letter from the Russian university in which you have apply. This whole process of the visa application for Russia is very simple as it would just be demanding for your Russian visa and migration cards.

About Visa Fee and Processing Time Details of Russia Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students:

Basically for the students the students visa get the issue within the time span of the 3-10 days and has the validity of just the single entry. As in favor of the single entry the visa fee for 10 days is around $70 but at the same time as in favor of the 3 working days the processing of visa the fee is about 140$.


So if you do have any kind of plans to be the part of the Russian university then you should be conscious about applying for the study visa with the complete documents attached with it. Don’t miss this golden chance from your hands!

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