PVTC Vocational Training Courses Admission 2024

Punjab Growth Strategy 2024-Free Vocational Training in PVTC Institutes

The research and reviews over the last few years have proved that Pakistan lacks the work force. It is not essential to join any professional college to earn well. It is more important to be skillful. There are many areas and regions in Pakistan, where the youth has the potential, but not the strength to get the better education. They want to become the engineers but either the higher education is not available or they are living in limited resources. This is where one feels the need of vocational training. There were times when vocational training holders were considered as among the labor class, but as the prospects and need of jobs is increasing, the demand of vocational workers is also rising. There are number of institutions opened for this purpose. The government of Pakistan has already announced several programs to encourage the students and the youth to join the vocational educational institutions. One such initiative is launched under the Punjab growth strategy 2024 by PVTC.



The strategy was evolved as an effort to uplift the condition of Punjab an especially the Southern Punjab, where the people are striving hard to meet their needs. The strategy is the outcome of the plans that were made in the year 2012. A group of researchers were assigned the tasks, who came forward with many ideas to enhance the growth rate. These suggestions included several projects that encouraged investment in the province. The urban clusters were to work for the good of those that were deprived. More employment opportunities meant better growth rate. For this it was considered important to encourage the youth to join the skill based education. Due to lack of basic resources the region was becoming an easy market for the terrorist forces.  To improve the law and order chaos, due to these reasons the government desired to channelize the energies towards something positive and constructive. The ideas were suggested by the Senior Research Fellows Dr. Ali Cheema, Dr. Anjum Nasim & Dr. Farooq Naseer.



Complete Details about Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) Free Vocational Training Courses 2024

Under this program the chief minister of Punjab has announced a new program of giving a fully free vocational training along with the scholarship. Under this program the admissions are being offered to men and women between the ages 15 and 40 years in PVTC vocational training institutes all over Punjab. The list of these institutes can be obtained from the website and the newspaper ad cutting below this page. The admission 2024 forms for the session commencing from 00 July must reach the concerned by 00 June 2024.



Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) is offering admission 2024 in 62 vocational training courses in its 241 vocational training institutes all over the Punjab. Duration of the PVTC vocational training courses will be just 6 months. Vocational training will be given in double shifts. These are 100% free vocational training courses with monthly stipend. Admission 2024 will be granted purely on merit base.  Visit Arqumhouse.edu.pk and its facebook page for guidance about latest admission 2024 in vocational training courses.


PVTC Vocational Training Courses Admission 2024

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