PTCL Net Packages 2024, Activation Charges & Monthly Subscription Fee

PTCL Packages 2024 For Broadband Users 2 Mbps to 100 Mbps

Have you been looking for reliable internet packages in the new year 2024? Do you want to stay connected with the world with blazing fast net speed? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Here at we will discuss the PTCL broadband packages 2024 & their key features in too much detail. PTCL packages 2024 are designed to meet your individual needs & budget, so you can get the best out of your online internet experience. Whether you are a casual user or a power user, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited has a perfect solution for you in form of PTCL net packages 2024 with lot of free facilities.



Introduction to PTCL

PTCL is one of Pakistan’s leading internet service providers & its net packages are among the most comprehensive in the country. Initially PTCL was a public sector company then government privatized it. Now it is the largest landline phone & broadband Internet services provider company in Pakistan. The same company is also offering cellular service with the brand name of Ufone.



Why PTCL Broadband Packages 2024? Benefits

PTCL offers a wide range of broadband Internet packages 2024, which ranges from 6Mbps to 100 Mbps & even unlimited free PTCL-to-PTCL minutes per month. With the PTCL net packages 2024 available from 1829 rupees per month to 7749 rupees per month, you can find the perfect plan for your individual lifestyle. Remember that all PTCL broadband Internet packages 2024 are truly unlimited in nature & no other Internet service provider company in Pakistan is offering really unlimited internet packages 2024.


Broadband internet is an internet connection that is faster than the traditional dial-up connection of old times. It is a great way to stay connected with the world & access the internet facility at high speeds.



PTCL Internet Packages 2024 Monthly Fee

The 6 Mbps PTCL net package comes in 1829 rupees per month, the 8 Mbps PTCL Internet package comes in 2289 rupees per month, the 15 Mbps package comes in 2819 rupees per month, the 25 Mbps bundle comes in 3379 rupees per month, the 50Mbps bucket comes in Rs. 5229 per month and the 100Mbps broadband Internet offer comes in 7749 PKR per month. We are also going to publish latest PTCL Internet packages 2024 in image format on this specific page of our website.



PTCL Net Packages 2024 Installation Charges

What’s more, if you opt for the PTCL net packages 2024 above 8 Mbps, you get a free Smart TV with your subscription. However the new connection charges are 5000 rupees at present.



How to Order For PTCL Broadband Packages 2024?

If you want to get your hands on one of these great ptcl Internet packages 2024, you can call 1218 or visit your nearest PTCL shop or distributor. You can also reach out to the PTCL Support Center via email at



Final Thoughts

So, do not wait any longer & subscribe to a PTCL package today. With these amazing plans, you can stay connected to the world with blazing fast speeds. Get your hands on the best PTCL net packages 2024 and enjoy unlimited internet with PTCL. In the last you must visit our following related post about charji Internet packages by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited.


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PTCL Net Packages 2024, Activation Charges & Monthly Subscription Fee


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