PTCL Charji Internet Packages 2021-Prices of Plans & Devices

All Latest PTCL Charji Packages 2021-Plans & Prices of Cloud & Evo DevicesĀ 
PTCL was a public limited company few years before, then Pakistan government privatized it for improving the level of its services. Now PTCL has become the the largest Internet service provider network in Pakistan. It is providing wireless broadband, cable broadband, wifi Internet and now charji Internet service in all parts of the country. Charji is the fastest Internet service of PTCL. Its device is also different from PTCL evo device. Charji Internet speed is quickest in Pakistan. PTCL charji packages 2021 have been announced by the concerned authorities.



Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is proud of its PTCL charji Internet packages 2021 as these bundles have there no match in Pakistan. All bundles are monthly but very cheap as compare to other networks. There are total five PTCL charji Internet packages and these five bundles are available both for prepaid and postpaid customers of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. 10GB, 20GB, 25GB, 50GB and 75GB PTCL Internet packages 2021 are available at present for monthly line rent Rs, 1000, 1250, 1500, 2000 and 2500 respectively. We have given the details of PTCL Charji packages 2021 below this page in shape of an image. We are 100% sure that you will definitely like these bundles. There are 2 kinds of char ji devices i.e Cloud and EVO. Price is the same for both these devices i.e Rs 2500.



After crossing your data limit you may also buy additional volume bucket of 5 GB in just Rs. 500. For this purpose you will have to dial 1218. Its a fact that Char ji connection is four times quicker than 3G connection.



PTCL Charji Internet packages 2021 are for those persons who are professionals and can not compromise on quality of service. It will help you in viewing high quality HD movies , playing heavy 3D games and downloading big data files. 10 devices can be connected at a time with a charji device. Can you believe that Char ji will provide you up to 36 MB Internet speed.


Arqum House team has already published Nayatel, Witribe, Worldcall and Qubee Internet packages 2021. More posts on bundles of other networks are in pipeline. We are trying to provide you all the details about net bundles of different other Internet providing networks on our website. You must remain in touch with and its facebook page for getting all related updates about PTCL charji internet packages 2021.


PTCL Charji Internet Packages 2021-Prices of Plans & Devices


PTCL Charji Internet Packages 2021-Prices of Plans & Devices

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