CM & Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2022 Distribution Schedule

Latest Breaking News About Schedule 2022 of PM & CM Free Laptop Distribution Scheme
Have you got good marks in your last exam and expecting to get free laptop from federal or provincial government. Laptops are distributed as per pre announced laptop schedule. This was the first time in the recent history when neither the schedule 2022 has been announced for Prime Minister laptop scheme nor for CM Punjab free laptop scheme. This happened due to political instability in the country. Reason behind this political instability is upcoming elections 2022.



Laptop schemes are brain child of PML N government. Now when elections are near and we do not know about the future Prime Minister of Pakistan, the fate of these laptop schemes is also uncertain. Clouds of uncertainty have enveloped all schemes of PML N government including Prime Minister laptop scheme 2022.



Our team hope that political parties of Pakistan will not stop initiatives of PML N government just due to their political differences. This Prime Minister laptop scheme is for those students who can not afford to buy laptops. Incentive of laptops has played a role of catalyst in educational career of talented students of Pakistan. Outstanding students should be patronized by the government. Immediately after upcoming elections new government should announce Prime Minister laptop scheme 2022 distribution schedule. Students must also raise their voice in this regard. Utilize the social media for launching a massive campaign on facebook, twitter and whatsapp to compel the PTI, PPP and other parties for prolonging this scheme in future too.



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CM & Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2022 Distribution Schedule

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