Health Benefits of Ramadan Fasting For Patients (Urdu-English)

Best Health Benefits of Ramadan Fasting For Men and Women Patients
There are unlimited health benefits of Ramadan fasting. Try to take all 30 fasts. Today we shall share some very unique health benefits of Ramazan with our visitors both in Urdu and English languages. These health tips are not for serious patients of any disease. Such patients should strictly follow the instructions of their doctor.



Top 12 Health Benefits of Ramazan in English Language
1-If you are a chain smoker then you may quit smoking in the month of Ramadan. Just try to avoid smoking after iftar. One month practice will help you in getting rid of any bad habit like smoking, chewing tobacco or drinking.


2-Ramadan fasting improves your creative skills and even memory power.

3-Diabetic patient can control their sugar level through Ramadan fasting.

4-You may improve your heart’s health through Ramadan fasting.


5-During Ramazan you may also get rid of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.


6-Ramazan is the best alternative of dieting as it can reduce your weight a lot.


7-Ramazan is also a blessing for patients of Arthritis, high uric acid and gout.


8-It is also very easy to control your blood pressure and cholesterol level in this holy month.



9-Headache and Insomnia patients should also take fast.


10-Try to iftar by drinking Aab e Zam Zam as it too has lot of health benefits.


11-Cirrhosis and liver diseases can also be cured just by Ramadan fasting.


12-Month of Ramazan can also make you beautiful and smart as Ramadan fasting can glow your skin as it has anti aging effects. We have also given the Ramadan fasting benefits in Urdu language too below this page. You may also get Ramazan calendar 2019 from our website. Keep visiting for reading more health tips in Urdu and English languages.


Health Benefits of Ramadan Fasting For Patients (Urdu-English)


Health Benefits of Ramadan Fasting For Patients (Urdu-English)