Police Jobs Pakistan 2024 Online Test, Model Paper, Online Preparation MCQs

Pakistan Police Jobs 2024, Multiple Choice Questions MCQs, Online Quiz
If you have interest in joining any law enforcement agency of Pakistan then take this online test of arqumhouse.edu.pk. This online quiz is very beneficial for those candidates who want to join ASF, ANF, FC, NH&MP, MI, FIA, FMU, SCU, SSU, SPU and police force of any province or area of Pakistan. We have already published follow related online quizzes on our website.


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Police Jobs Pakistan 2024 Online Test, Model Paper, Online Preparation MCQs


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Soon online quizzes about ASF, ANF, FC, NH&MP, MI, FIA, FMU, SCU, SSU, SPU, Pakistan Rangers, CTD, Dolphin force and other police departments will also be published on arqumhouse.edu.pk. This test contains important general knowledge about diferent wings and departments of police in Pakistan. You must also read the image given on this page carefully as it will also increase your general knowledge about police jobs in Pakistan. Remember that just few online quizzes are not sufficient enough for clearing the recruitment test of any law enforcement agency of Pakistan. There is a need of proper preparation. We are just providing you helping material, although soon by the grace of Almighty Allah we shall be able to provide your sufficient material for online preparation. Till then use our online quizzes as a mean of judging your level of preparation for different recruitment tests.


You must also browse our online tests category as it contains lot more online quizzes which will be extremely useful for your preparation of police jobs written test. There is also a test for preparation of interview after clearing the written test. We are hopeful that you will like to visit and like our facebook page too. Now do not waste time and start your online test for police jobs in Pakistan. We pray for your bright future career. Stay blessed.


1. Special Protection Unit or SPU is a wing of ______ police?


2. Special Security Unit is a wing of _____ Police?




SCU is the abbreviation of _________?

4. Elite Police is a branch of _______ police?


5. Who is the officer in charge of a police station?


6. Which department of police deal with the terrorism in Pakistan?


7. PCG is the abbreviation of what?


8. Which organization has been established for citizen police liaison?


9. Who was the founder of police department in Islamic History?


10. Which post of police is given on clearing CSS exam?


11. JPO stands for what?


12. Name the founder of modern policing?


13. Which department of Pakistan police deal with crime scene investigation, interrogation and terrorism?


14. Which police force has been established in Punjab to overcome street crimes?


15. Which police department keeps law and order situation at railway stations?


16. When FSF (Federal Security Force) was created?


17. 15 is ________?


18. Special Branch of Police Performs __________ duties?


19. FIR is the abbreviation of _______?


20. ASF stands for __________?


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