Pakistan Affairs Online Quiz – MCQs & Sample Paper

General Knowledge (GK) About Pakistan Affairs, Online Test For Preparation of CSS, PMS, NTS & Recruitment Exams
Pakistan is becoming an important member of international community. It has become atomic power and now it is going to become Asian tiger. We have overcome the energy crisis and now we are entering in the era of IT revolution and rapid industrialization. CPEC is a proof a bright future of our beloved country. Due to all these reasons Pakistan affairs is going to become an important subject and topic internationally.

Pakistan Affairs

Pakistan Affairs Online Quiz – MCQs & Sample Paper

Pakistan affairs is also an important subject for those job seekers who are planing to appear in CSS, PMS, NTS or PSC exams. In CSS you will have to clear compulsory subject of Pakistan affairs, while in other recruitment tests you will also be asked MCQs about Pak affairs. So if you are a serious about your future then you must have good command over Pakistan affairs. Its a vast topic rather subject. You need to use all available resources for this purpose. Online quizzes are one of these resources. Take this online quiz on Pakistan affairs and wait for lot more in near future. Total 40 interesting MCQs about Pakistan affairs are there in this Pakistan affairs online test. You will certainly like this quiz too.

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Lot more online quizzes about Pakistan affairs will be published soon. You just need to visit and its facebook page regularly for improving your general knowledge (GK) about Pakistan affairs. Our team will not disappoint you ever, in Shaa Allah in your each and every visit of our website and its facebook page, you will find something very helpful for your future career.

1. Why Koh e Murad Turbat is notorious?


2. Which ancient city of Pakistan is considered as center of Gandhara civilization?


3. Gwadar was the part of _______ before 8th Sepember, 1958?


4. Name the personality who remained the queen of Pakistan from 1947 to 1956.


5. Who remained federal state minister of Pakistan from 1971 to his death in 2006


6. Why 16 December is the black day in the history of Pakistan?


7. Which President of Pakistan used the 58 B-2 clause twice to dissolve the parliament and government.


8. Who the heroine of Teri Yaad (First movie released in Pakistan after partition on 7th August August 1948)?


9. Who is Sibghatullah Shah Rashdi III?


10. Name the first soldier of Pak army who got the Nishan e Haider?


11. Huge reserves of gold, silver and copper are found in _________


12. Who was the first C-in-C of the Pakistan Army?


13. Name the Pakistani banker who was founder of international bank BCCI?


14. Jewish synagogue namely Magain Shalome Synagogue was in which city of Pakistan?


15. Who was appointed as Martial law administrator of Lahore in 1953 to crush violence.


16. Pervaiz Musharraf used the title of _________ in spite of Chief Martial Law Administrator after imposing martial law on 12 October, 1999.


17. Which great Urdu poet was accused to be involve in Rawalpindi conspiracy case 1951?


18. Which is the national fish of Pakistan?


19. Who is Peer Pagara?


20. When first general elections were held in Pakistan?


21. Where do Kalash tribe live?


22. Faqir Ipi was leader of ________?


23. Name the last Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army?


24. Name the first Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army?


25. Pakistan has become strategical partner of _________?


26. Name the general who imposed martial law twice in Pakistan.


27. What is the significance of Nurul Ameen in the history of Pakistan?


28. Which is the national bird of Pakistan?


29. Who is the most successful test captain of Pakistan cricket team?


30. Who is Sadruddin Hashwani?


31. Pakistan has high potential of progress in 21st century that’s why it has been included in _______?


32. Who is Prince Kareem Aga Khan?


33. Who was the first female Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan?


34. Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi was first ___________ of Pakistan?


35. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was given death sentence due to murder of _______?


36. Which is the national animal of Pakistan?


37. Who remained the king of Pakistan from 1947 to 1952?


38. What is Moeen Qureshi famous for?


39. Who declared emergency plus in Pakistan on 3rd November, 2007.


40. Who remained the civilian chief martial law administrator of Pakistan from1971 to 1973?


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