Indo Pak History Online Test-Pakistan Movement MCQs (1857 to 1947)

Indo Pak History Online Quiz-Multiple Choice Questions on Pakistan Movement (1857 to 1947)
Indo Pak History is an important subject in Pakistan. It is also part of Social Studies, Pakistan Studies, Civics and Political Science subjects. On this page you can view Indo Pak History online test. Multiple choice questions (MCQs) about Pakistan movement from 1857 to 1947 are included in this Indo Pak History online test. This Pakistan History quiz is helpful for candidates of competitive exams too. MCQs about Pakistan movement are also included in admission entry tests of different level. We are also going to publish Pakistan History quiz 1947 to 2017 on our website very soon. You just need to stick with for improving your general knowledge about Indo Pak History as lot more news quizzes about Pakistan are in pipe line.

Indo Pak History Online Test-Pakistan Movement MCQs (1857 to 1947)

Indo Pak History Online Test-Pakistan Movement MCQs (1857 to 1947)

Total forty MCQs are there in this Indo Pak History online test. On each correct answer you will get 2 marks. You at least need 22 marks for clearing the test in C grade. Now you can start Indo Pak History online test. If you need to get good marks in Pakistan Studies or History paper then attempt our all online quizzes on Pakistan.

Indo Pak History Online Test-Multiple Choice Questions MCQs About Pakistan Movement (1857 to 1947). Increase your general knowledge about Pakistan Studies, Social Studies and History of Pakistan.

1. Muslims of India were given right of separate electorate through which reforms?


2. Name the last Mughal Emperor of India?


3. In which year Pakistan resolution was passed?


4. Local self government in India was introduced by Lord Ripon in …………?


5. Pona pact was signed between Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and …………… on 24 September 1932.


6. When Congress ministries were formed in 7 provinces of India?


7. Cabinet Mission Plan was sent to India in ………..?


8. When Quit India Movement was launched?


9. Who was viceroy of India at the time of war of independence 1857?


10. Communal Award was announced by the British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald on 16 August ………?


11. Sikh freedom fighter Bhagat Singh was hanged on 23rd March ……………..?


12. When first round table congress was held in London?


13. Who was the founder of Indian National Congress?


14. Minto Morley Reforms were introduced in which year?


15. Partition of Bengal was canceled in which year?


16. Bengal was divided into 2 provinces in …………?


17. Name the reforms which were introduced in 1919?


18. Who was the finance minister in the last collation government of united India?


19. Nehru report was published in which year?


20. Who proposed the name of Pakistan?


21. Udham Singh killed Sir Michael O’Dwyer for taking the revenge of Jallianwala Bagh massacre 1919 on 13 March ………… ?


22. Last Mughal emperor Buhadir Shah Zafar died on November 7, 1862 in ………?


23. Simla conference was held in which year?


24. Who delivered the Allahabad address in 1930?


25. Who was the last Governor General of united India?


26. Who presented the famous fourteen points in 1929?


27. MAO School was established in which year?


28. Who joined the All India Muslim League in 1913?


29. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan died in which year?


30. Indian National Congress was founded in Mumbai on 28 December…….?


31. Who was the founder of Central National Mohammadan Association (1877)?


32. Pathan Sher Ali Afridi killed the Governor General of India …………………….. in 1872?


33. Famous pamphlet “Now or Never” was written by ……………?


34. Famous revolutionary lectures on “Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts in Islam” were delivered by ………..?


35. In which year All India Muslim League was founded?


36. MAO High school Aligarh was elevated to the status of college in …………………?


37. When Lucknow Pact was signed between Congress and Muslim League?


38. When day of deliverance was celebrated by All India Muslim League?


39. Ghazi Ilm ud Din Shaheed murdered …………. ?


40. The Cripps mission was a failed attempt in March …….. by the British government to get Indian cooperation in WW2.


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