Pak Aims Institute of Management Sciences Admission 2024

Admission 2024 Open in Institute of Management Sciences (Pak-Aims) Lahore

Business and management studies have become a popular field in the past years. The trend of seeking education in the said fields has really become popular parallel to the studies of medicine and engineering. The public and private sector have opened many institutions to deal with this need. These institutions offer graduate, post graduate and even doctorate degrees.


One such popular institution working for the growing youth of Pakistan is located in Lahore with the name Pak Aims Institute of Management sciences. The institute has developed its rapport among the chartered private institutions. Pak Aims enjoys fifth rank in the list of management institutions working all over the country. The institute of Management Sciences has become highly popular over the past few years by passing out the top ranking alumni, who are contributing in the development of the country and adding repute both nationally and internationally. So far under the guidance of high ranking faculty the students are gaining up-to-date knowledge of management sciences and business studies at various levels. The education friendly top notch environment is highly congenial.



The new session is about to begin and therefore the institute has announced the admissions under the following faculties:
1. Faculty of business administration
2. Faculty of computer sciences



Courses Offered in Pak Aims Institute of Management Sciences

The main courses offered include BBA, BBS, BS, MS M.Phil and P.hD. The MBA executive program is also open for the professionals. The program duration ranges from a period of 2 to 4 years.



Facilities at the Institute of Management Sciences (Pak-Aims) Lahore

Institute of Management Sciences (Pak-Aims) Lahore understands the significance of a well-rounded educational experience & its modern facilities are designed to enhance the learning journey of its students.



Pak Aims’s library is a treasure trove of knowledge. It has a vast collection of books, media publications & research papers across various disciplines. Students have access to online databases &  digital resources for ensuring that they have the latest information at their fingertips.


Computer Labs

Campus is equipped with the latest technology &  high-speed internet connectivity. Its computer labs provide students with a conducive environment for research, coding & project work. Its IT infrastructure is constantly updated to keep pace with the ever-evolving technology landscape.


Sports Facilities

Pak-Aims LHR believes in the all rounder development of their students & sports facilities at their campus play a vital role in promoting physical fitness and teamwork. From basketball courts to cricket grounds, campus is equipped with diverse sports amenities to cater to the interests of all students.



Spacious auditorium in Pak Aims campus is a hub for academic & cultural events for providing a platform for students to showcase their talents & engage in intellectual discourse. It is equipped with modern sound and lighting systems. In short it is the perfect venue for seminars, workshops & guest lectures.



The campus cafeteria offers a variety of delicious & hygienic food options for ensuring that students have access to nutritious meals throughout the day. The lively ambience of the cafe also serves as a social hub for students to unwind and interact with their peers.


Medical Facilities

The health & well-being of our students are of utmost importance to Pak Aims LHR. It has a dedicated medical center on campus which is staffed with qualified healthcare professionals to provide immediate assistance in case of any medical emergencies.



To ensure the convenience of students, Institute of Management Sciences LHR provides transportation facilities for commuting to & from the campus. Its fleet of buses is well-maintained & follows a scheduled route to cater to the transportation needs of our students.



For students coming from out of town Institute of Management Sciences Lahore offers comfortable & secure hostel facilities within the campus for providing a home away from home. The hostels are equipped with all the necessary amenities to create a conducive living environment for boarder students.


Financial Assistance at Pak Aims for Admission 2024:

Pak Aims Institute of Management Sciences offers financial assistance according to the performance of the students. The merit based scholarships are highly appreciated by the students. The various tuition fee waivers are available which include:
100% tuition free waiver for top ten position holders in any board around the country.



Those getting 85% can have a 75% fee waiver.
50% tuition fee waiver for students getting 80% to 84.99%
The tuition fee waivers continue up to 20% depending on the score and performance.


Besides this the students are also given merit scholarships and admission fee discounts. The female candidates are encouraged to apply by giving special discounts. The similar is offered to the armed forces candidates and those belonging to the tribal area.



In conclusion the Institute of Management Sciences (Pak-Aims) Lahore takes great pride in offering a wide array of facilities to support the academic, extracurricular & personal growth of our students. Pak Aims Lahore is committed to creating an enriching & nurturing environment that empowers our students to excel in their chosen fields.



The candidates can acquire all the related information from the university website or by calling at the UAN number provided in the newspaper advertisements. The admission 2024 forms and the related information is also available on the website of the institute itself.


Pak Aims Institute of Management Sciences Admission 2024


Pak Aims Institute of Management Sciences Admission 2024


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