Military College Entry Test, Online MCQs, Sample Paper

Online Military College Admission Test, MCQs, Model Paper
There are many military colleges in Pakistan. Admission criteria of these Military Colleges is very strict. Candidates have to clear an entry test for reserving their seats in the Military College. Generally applications are invited once in a year. Military College Hasan Abdal, Sui, Murree and Jhelum are most famous Military Colleges in Pakistan. Entry test is taken simultaneously in different cities of Pakistan. Result is uploaded on official websites of the Military colleges.

Military College Entry Test, Online MCQs, Sample Paper

Military College Entry Test, Online MCQs, Sample Paper

We have made this online Military College entry test for those students who want to get admission in class 7th, 8th or 9th. Multiple choice questions (MCQs) are asked in entrance test. In this online Military College entry test you will have to answer 40 online MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). 2 marks will be given for each right answer. Principle of negative marking will not be applied.

We have published an article to guide the students about format and preparation strategy of Military College entry test. Link is available on this page. You must read it too. Online Military College entry test is our second test on We have already published an online test related to Cadet College admission test. Link of our first online test has been given below. After attempting online Military College admission test you must attempt this test too. At the end of the test reply the security question for viewing the result. This test is also just like a model paper too. We have chosen the MCQs from the past papers of different Military colleges entry tests.
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Online Military College entry test, online MCQs and model paper for students who want to get admission in any Military College of Pakistan. Take the test for online preparation of admission test. Recommended for admission in class 6th, 7th and 8th.

1. Pakistan is ——- largest Muslim country by population?


2. Which one of these is a computer language?


3. What is the Synonym of intelligent?


4. SSG stands for ——-?


5. Tribal areas of Pakistan are called……….?


6. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) married with Hazrat Khadija (R.A) at the age of —— years?


7. Pakistan is a ………… country?


8. Who wrote famous Urdu novel Mirat-ul-Uroos?


9. Famous Objective resolution was passed in _______?


10. Regional Cooperation For Development RCD was signed between Turkey, Iran and Pakistan in ……….?


11. Who was real father of Algebra?


12. Pakistan is situated in which part of Asia?


13. I want ………. milk?


14. Chose the chemical formula of Nitric Acid?


15. This sentence is related to which tense. Usman lives near my house?


16. Name the national animal of Pakistan


17. Indus water treaty between Pakistan and India was signed in ………?


18. JCO stands for ………..?


19. What is the Antonym of attack?


20. -………… is the brain of a computer?


21. Pakistan has right on the water of which rivers after Indus water treaty 1960?


22. How many verses are there in Holy Quran?


23. How many chambers are there in a human heart?


24. What is the bone of contention between India and Pakistan?


25. Three angles of a triangle are equal to ………?


26. ——– was the part of Pakistan before 1971?


27. Complete the series 1, 3, 2, 4, 5, 7 ………..?


28. Which one of these is first person?


29. White color in the flag of Pakistan symbolizes……….?


30. (a-b)2 is equal to ………..?


31. What is Homonym of Dual?


32. What is the SI unit of acceleration?


33. Geography is the part of which subject of 8th class in Pakistan?


34. (a+b)2 is equal to…………?


35. Shah nama e Islam was written by …………?


36. What is the value of g?


37. Total area of Pakistan is ……… sq km?


38. ISSB is the abbreviation of …………?


39. Who is called the Baba e Urdu?


40. CPEC will connect China with ——-?


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