Learn The Science of Body Language-Top 10 Tips

Learn The Art of Body Language-Self Help Top Ten Tips
We have seen that there are in total three elements if we talk about the concept of communication and they are words, the second element is the tone of voice and then we have the third element which is the non-verbal behavior. This kind of verbal behavior actually includes facial expressions and our gestures, and too our posture. We can divide and segregate this concept of communication into two parts, they are verbal and non verbal. It is true that the Body language is quite and much different from this sign language. The definition of body language is that it is a form and kind of mental and also physical ability which any human being possess! This body language consist and comprise of the body posture and gestures and too facial expressions. If you want to learn more and further about the art and science of this body language then here you are:

Element of the Body Language
It includes your physical expression
We have seen that our Hand gestures, our smiling and the use of our eye brows, it is all our physical expressions that comes in the category of this Body Language. Take the example of an interview or be it a competition, it is observed that some of the people looks confident and on the other hand, some of the people look shy. These gestures of them are related and linked with their body language.

Learn The Science of Body Language-Top 10 Tips

Learn The Science of Body Language-Top 10 Tips

What are your basic and primary one physical expressions?
It includes your eye contact
It is a fact that Eye contact is one of the strongest body language reading kind of techniques by far. If you will have a consistent eye contact then it gives an indication and signal that the person is thinking with a positive attitude. On the other hand if a person is trying to avoid the eye-contact then we can get this hint that a person is a lier. If you see that some of the individuals are unable and fail to make the eye contact then you get this clear indication that they are in discomfort.

It includes your hands and arms movements
Moving on with some other powerful and stronest body language signals and hints, we have this hands and arms movements. If you see that a person is crossing his arms right across his chest, then you can get this signal that this person is not at all interested in getting close with you. At times some of the people rub their hands, it means that they are feeling cold.

Signal of handshake
If you have felt a strong handshake then it is usually a clear indication that you are meeting with an intellectual kind of personality. If you have experienced a loose handshake then it is the signal that the other person is having a lethargic sort of behavior.

Signals of your posture
It is a fact that many of the interpretations can also be made from your posture. If you are having a straight smart sort of posture then it is the crystal clear indication that you are full with energy and you are a confident person. If you will have a correct posture then you will all the time impress other people around you.

Top Ten Body Language Tips

Unusual movements of any body part show depression and anxiety.

Shy or lier person will never make an eye contact with you.

Strong handshake shows the confidence.

Proper dressing shows a balanced personality.

Smiling face also shows confidence.

You can know the truth by watching the feet of a person.

By strong postures you can easily impress anyone.

Always lean forward, never cross your arms or legs and never lean back in your chair.

This is all about the basic science of body language!

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