Lawrence College Ghora Gali Admission 2024 in Class 1 to 8th/O-Level

Admission 2024 Announced in Lawrence College Ghora Gali from Class 1 to 8th/O-Level

Among the established cadet colleges of Pakistan, one name that is contributing for a century and fifty seven years is the Lawrence College, Ghora Gali. The college maintains a great tradition of cultivating the love and passion for knowledge, the desire of contributing for the nation and the urge to move ahead by maintaining the values and norms of our society. The the Lawrence College Ghora Gali gives the students a wider perspective to see the world. The students are prepared in such a way that they can face all sorts of challenges. Starting with the first grade the students are given the training at curricular and co-curricular level. Therefore, besides academics they are also well prepared about all the fields of life. It gives them the right direction and straightens their path towards a goal.


Lawrence College Ghora Gali Introduction

Since its inception in the hilly resort of Ghora Gali it has served the nation by giving the best alumni to contribute. The number of students seeking admission in all grads starting from grade 1 is increasing every year, but the lucky ones are only few who get through the doors of this huge college. Spread over several acres of land, the Lawrence College Ghora Gali has a comfortable boarding, purpose built academic section, laboratories and libraries for the good of the students.



Lawrence College Ghora Gali Admissions 2024:

The life time opportunity to join the college from class 1 till class VIII in the coming session of 2024 is here. The admission 2024 will depend on the availability of the seats. The admissions also include the GCE O’levels for the new session.



Key Features of Lawrence College Ghora Gali Murree

Lawrence College Ghora Gali which is located in Murree has lot of key features that make it a distinguished institution. The college offers a tranquil & conducive environment for learning to its enrolled students. College has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1860. It has a strong tradition of academic excellence & holistic development. It offers modern facilities for example well-equipped classrooms, science & computer labs, a library and sports amenities to promote overall growth. The college also takes pride in its experienced & dedicated faculty who are committed to nurturing the students’ potential. Additionally Lawrence College Ghora Gali emphasizes character building, instilling values of leadership, integrity & service in its students, making it a sought-after institution for quality education.



Lawrence College Ghora Gali Murree Admission 2024 Process:

1. The admission 2024 process begins with getting the prospectus and the admission forms against the payment of Rs.1,000/- if received by hand, while the same can be obtained by paying Rs. 1,500/- if it is obtained through the postal services. In the second case the draft of the said amount has to be submitted through the bank draft of National Bank of Pakistan in favor of the Principal of the Lawrence College Ghora Gali. The prospectus will be available after 1st Feb, 2024 till 15 Feb, 2024.


2. The admission 2024 application forms can also be downloaded from the official portal of the Lawrence College Ghora Gali.


3. The successfully registered candidates will appear in the admission 2024 test, which will be conducted at the centers of Murree and Lahore simultaneously on 18 February, 2024 at 10:00 in the morning.



4. The tests will be conducted in the basic subjects that are English, maths and Urdu for classes 1 to VII, while science will also be added to the test subjects for those seeking admission 2024 in class VIII or O-levels.



Instructions for the Applicants:

The candidates looking for the admission 2024 must provide NADRA issued B-form, passport size photographs, and the NBP bank draft of Rs.4000/- that is the admission 2024 test fee in favor of the principal of the Lawrence College Ghora Gali.


It is important to understand that admission 2024 are given totally on the merit. There is no quota system.


The contact information is provided in the newspaper ad given below this page.



In conclusion the admission 2024 process for Lawrence College Ghora Gali Murree has been started. Now you may apply for admission in class 1 to 8th/O-Level. In fact this college is offering an exciting opportunity for students to be ready for an excited journey of academic growth. The institution has an esteemed reputation for providing a well-rounded education, coupled with its focus on character building & extracurricular activities. All these factors makes it a highly sought-after choice for aspiring students & their families. As prospective students prepare to embark on this new chapter of their educational journey, the prospect of joining the esteemed Lawrence College Ghora Gali is indeed a promising and enriching one.


Lawrence College Ghora Gali Admission 2024 in Class 1 to 8th/O-Level

Lawrence College Ghora Gali Admission 2024 in Class 1 to 8th/O-Level







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