Katteb Plus by Katteb.com-Revolutionary AI Writer That Can Write Facts & Latest News

Katteb Plus is AI Copywriting Tool For Bloggers, Freelancers, Marketers, Journalists, Researchers & Students
Katteb AI is one of the best ai copywriting tools. It uses GPT-3 technology for creating unique content on all topics. Now Katteb has launched a new exciting feature namely Katteb Plus AI. This tool has made Katteb the number one ai content writing tool in the world. This revolutionary ai writer now has the features which no other ai article writing software is offering.



Majority of ai writing tools are unable to write content like human beings as there are some limitations of GPT-3 technology. It writes generic content and unable to write content about latest events and add fresh content with factual accuracy. Content based on real time updates and accurate localized keywords can also not be generated by these tools. There was a need of a revolutionary tool to overcome these deficiencies of ai writing tools. That’s why Katteb.com has launched Katteb Plus.



What is Katteb Plus?

Katteb plus is the name of perfection in the field of ai copywriting. Its a brand new feature of Katteb.com, which will help you to rank your content on the first page of Google. This feature of Katteb AI will help you to write AI content that search engines love rank. This feature will help you to write ai content as per the requirements of Google’s helpful content update.


Katteb Plus by Katteb.com-Revolutionary AI Writer That Can Write Facts & Latest News


Katteb Plus by Katteb.com-Revolutionary AI Writer That Can Write Facts & Latest News


Katteb Plus has the ability to check facts before writing any piece of content. It can even cover latest news and updates with the help of its powerful algorithm. It can also write long form content for any particular demographic or audience with ease. These features are really time saver for bloggers and marketers.



For example if you write a review on any latest model of cell phone then old ai writing tools  will provide generic information while with Katteb AI you may get real, fact-checked and valuable review which will bring sales of affiliate revenue for you.



How to Try Katteb Plus Free?

It is very easy to try katteb plus free of cost. You just need to sign up for free trial of Katteb.com. Katteb AI is offering a generous trial of 2000 words. By availing this opportunity you may experience the super powers of Katteb Plus. After that you will love to purchase Katteb AI’s LTD from Appsumo or Katteb.com. We highly recommend you to buy the unlimited LTD of Katteb AI from Katteb.com. This LTD is the best unlimited life time deal of any ai content writing tool, which is even better than the lifetime deals of Wordhero, Closerscopy, AISEO, Nichesss, Texta AI, Article Ninja and Write cream.


Katteb Plus by Katteb.com-Revolutionary AI Writer That Can Write Facts & Latest News


Key Features of Katteb Plus & Katteb AI Writer

1-Katteb Plus can write about facts.

2-It can check the facts given in an ai generated content.

3-It can write search engine-friendly content.

4-It can generate real-time updated content in seconds.

5-Localized A-I writing is another key feature of Katteb Plus.

6-It can write ready to publish content.

7-It can suggest related images.

8-It can write content on latest news and trends.

9-It can write content which can pass the GPT-3 content detector tool’s test. For this purpose sometimes you will have to use rewriting option.

10-It can rewrite a full article in a single click.

11-Katteb Plus AI can not only write content on latest trends but is cal also write about upcoming events.

12-Katteb Plus can understands the interests of your audience.

13-It has grammar checker that can help you fix grammar mistakes in your writing.

14-Free plagiarism checker is also a part of Katteb.com.

15-60+ languages are supported with 10 variations per generation.



Katteb AI Writer Templates

Blog Introduction, Brand Statements, Rewriting Tool, FB ads, Ad Targeting Ideas, Product Description, About us Page Writer, Blog Conclusion, Paraphrasing Tool, Youtube Video Description, Blog Introduction, Pitch Deck, Explain Code, PAS Formula and Song Lyrics are key AI templates available at Katteb.com and new templates are launched on regular basis.




Why Katteb AI?

Katteb Plus has ability to learn continuously. It is going to become a AI beast in coming days. Unlike traditional AI writer it does not produce generic content as it has been programmed to write on fresh events. It is also a best tool for writing long form informative article. Through audience targeted content you may target the visitors from any country. Katteb+ will reduce the editing time upto nill. For example if you have set the country UK, it will show the currency Pound Sterling and if you select Pakistan, it will show the currency rupee. You may easily write blog posts, news material, product reviews, comparison posts, product description, emails, ebooks and sales copies through Katteb AI. It can write long form article of up to 1000 words article in one minute. The produced content will be image filled, seo optimized, original, grammar errors free and with 0% plagiarism. If you want to get latest, fact-checked, error free content which may rank on Google the do try Katteb Plus AI writer. I can assure you then you will never use copy ai, jasper, copy smith, copy shark and frase ai.



Who Can Use Katteb Plus?

Katteb PLUS can be a great asset for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. Whether you’re a student who wants to get better grades on your essays, or a professional writer who wants to improve your writing speed and accuracy, Katteb AI can help you reach your goals.



If you’re a professional writer, you know that writing is a complex process. There are many factors to consider when you’re writing, from grammar and style to audience and purpose. It can be difficult to keep all of these factors in mind while you’re writing, which is where Katteb Plus can be a big help.


Katteb + can help you to improve your writing by taking care of some of the more technical aspects of writing, like grammar and style. Its GPT-3 + technology will fulfill all your writing needs. It can also help you to think about your audience and purpose,and to plan and structure your writing accordingly. In short Katteb AI can help you to write better, faster and more efficiently. Last but not least this ai content writing tool is also very useful for journalists who write on current affairs. Do try Katteb AI writer before taking any decision about your next writing assistant.


Ahmed Ezat The Genius Mind Behind Katteb + AI Writer

Ahmed Ezat The Genius Mind Behind Katteb + AI Writer

Ahmed Ezat is the genius mind behind the Katteb.com and Katteb Plus. He belongs from Egypt the brotherly country of Pakistan. He is trying hard to make Katteb No 1 AI writer on the planet. Hopefully soon he will be the next Bill Gates. Our best wishes are with our brother.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your writing, Katteb.com AI writing assistant may be just what you need.