Join Pak Navy 2024 Online Test, GK on Pakistan Navy, Model Paper

Pak Navy Jobs 2024, Online Quiz, General Knowledge MCQs on Pakistan Navy, Sample Paper
Pakistan has the coastline of 1,046 kilometers. Pak navy is the defender of the Arabian sea and coastline of Pakistan. Those who want to join Pak navy should have great mind power and physical fitness. You will have to clear series of tests and interviews to get Pak navy jobs of various kinds. Pak navy jobs are announced regularly in all major newspapers of Pakistan. You may join Pak navy after matric, inter and graduation. We shall guide you in each and every route of getting Pakistan navy jobs.


Join Pak Navy

Join Pak Navy 2024 Online Test, GK on Pakistan Navy, Model Paper


Today we are going to publish an online test on general knowledge about Pakistan Navy. Through this online quiz you can check the current level of your preparation for Pak navy jobs 2024 tests. This test will improve your GK a lot and give you ideas for your future preparation strategy. First you should read our following posts on join Pak navy;


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There are total top twenty MCQs in this online test on join Pak navy. Each MCQ carries 2 marks, it means that total numbers of the test are 40. You need to get at least 12 marks for clearing this test in C grade. You can get your score at the end of this quiz. We will soon publish more related online quizzes in out category of online tests so stay connected with arqum house and share this online test about join Pak navy 2024 with your friends and class fellows. Now without wasting time try this online test.


Join Pak Navy 2019 Online Test, Top 20 MCQs, Model Paper For Pakistan Navy Jobs

1. Maritime Security Agency (MSA) enforces national and International laws, policies and conventions at _______.


2. PNS Ghazi was first ____________ in Pak Navy.


3. SSGN is the abbreviated name of Pakistan Navy __________?


4. Before Islamabad Naval Headquarters was in __________.


5. Pakistan Navy Inducted first Squadron of Drones on 21 July ­­­________.


6. Bahria University Launched Bahria University Medical and Dental College BUMDC in Feb __________.


7. Second-in-command (S-in-C) of the Pakistan Navy is called _________________.


8. Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) was called __________ before March 1972.


9. PN War College was established in Lahore in August _______.


10. Terrorist attacked on PNS Mehran on 23 May,_________.


11. Pak navy was called _________ before 23 March, 1956.


12. Lieutenant rank of Pak navy is equivalent to ____________ rank of PAF.


13. Operation Dwarka was carried out on ________ September, 1965 to destroy the radar station at Dwarka.


14. ____________ is celebrated on 8th September every year.


15. HMS Onslow or HMS Tippu Sultan was the first ­­­­­__________ in Pakistan Navy.


16. Pakistan Navy is going to buy 8 submarines and aircraft carrier from _________?


17. First Naval Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Navy was ___________.


18. First Muslim Naval Commander-in-Chief of Pak Navy was __________.


19. Vice Admiral Hasan Hafeez Ahmed was first ____________ of Pakistan Navy.


20. Habah and Zarb are two made in Pakistan __________ Missiles.


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