Join Pak Army As Soldier 2021-Step By Step Guidance

Let’s talk about the complete tutorial and method to join Pak Army 2021 as Soldier-Step by Step Guidance! Well there would be no single person who do not have the wish to be the part of Pakistani army department. This sector is taken out to be the reputable and well established ones. Each single year, Pakistan¬†Army open up with their vacancy in order to be the part of the Pakistani army. But the whole procedure carried out the tough time line of the requirements all along with the eligibility criteria and the qualification too. You need to perform each single step of the joining method of the Pakistani Army with great care and attention in order to successfully make yourself to be the part of it. Sometimes your single one mistake can lead you to the disqualification.


Let’s talk about the complete tutorial and method to join Pak Army 2021 as Soldier-Step by Step Guidance!


Join Pak Army As Soldier 2021-Step By Step Guidance


Join Pak Army


Check out the below method to join Pak Army as Soldier-Step by Step!


Information About Eligibility Conditions to Join Pak Army as a Soldier:

If you want to be the part of the Pakistani army as the solider, you should be holding the qualification upto matriculation degree or even above too.


Age limit of the applicant has been set as from 17 to 23 Years. One year of relaxation in the age will be given in the applicant list of the graduate level and 2 years relaxation has been set for the applicants who will already be taken as the driving license holders.
The martial status of the applicant should be unmarried.
You should be having the nationality of being the citizens of Pakistan. Plus the domicile holders of Azad Kashmir or Gilgit Baltistan can also apply.
The applicant should have the minimum height of 5 feet 3 inches. Chest should be 31.33 inches (78-83 cm).



Talk About Relaxation Regarding Selection Criteria in Pakistan Army:

A special eligibility requirement has been set for the applicants of the different provinces. In the province of Balochistan, the applicants with the 8th class of education can apply as well. They should have the height of 5 feet 4 inches and should have the chest size of 74-79 cm instead of 78-83 cm. Limitation of the age should be 26 years old instead of 23 years. In the province of FATA, those applicants can also apply who are under matriculation qualification. The applicants who are applying from Gilgit Baltistan, they will be given the 2 inches of height relaxation. Their examination marks should be 50% score right under his matriculation education.



Written Test Format of Pakistan Army Joining:

The first step for the selection of the Pakistani army joining is appearing in the written test. This written test will be divided into different portions of subjects as mentioned below:
There will be an english portion that will be of 30 marks. This english subject portion will add up the questions based on easy translation section plus with the both English to Urdu and Urdu to English and simple singular/plural questions.
Next category will comprise the questions as based on the Urdu section that will have 20 marks. This section will add up with the corrections of sentences, and also the simple singular/plural questions and also questions related to change of gender.
Mathematics side will have 20 marks of upholding where 5 questions will be asked related with the concept of factorization as well as logarithm and Algebra, and also variations.
This was the complete overview about the method to join Pak Army as Soldier-Step by Step Guidance! Keep these guidelines in mind to successfully pass through the test procedure!

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