Jashan E Baharan Mela 2023 Lahore (Basant), Dates, Shows & Venues

Basant Bahar or Jashan e Beharan Mela Lahore 2023, Schedule, Activities, Locations
It’s time to usher in a new season of fun & frolic as Lahore is about to host its grand spring festival or Jashan E Baharan Mela 2023. This mela has become the symbol of spring season. Its celebrations last for almost one week. Its also known as basant bahar that is witnessed by people from all walks of life.



Jashan E Baharan Mela 2023 Lahore (Basant), Dates, Shows & Venues

What is Jashan e Baharan in Pakistan?

Jashan e Baharan or basant bahar is a spring festival celebrated in Pakistan specially in Punjab and Lahore every year. It marks the beginning of the colorful spring season with the blossoming of flowers, trees & plants. The spring festival is marked by the exchange of gifts & the singing of traditional folk songs. People come together to celebrate the Jashan e Baharaa Mela, while also looking forward to the coming of the new spring season. The Jashan e Baharan festival is a great way to bring people together & celebrate the beauty of the basant season. People enjoy spending time with family & friends, eating traditional dishes & playing local games. It is a time to reflect on the blessings of the past year & look forward to the new season with optimism & hope.



Introduction to Jashan e Baharan Mela Lahore

In Lahore, the celebrations of Jashan e Baharan include traditional music & folk dance performances, a colourful parade, marathon, races and special performances of qawwali & classical music. The festival also includes traditional food stalls, art & craft exhibitions and a variety of competitions. People from all over the city come together to celebrate the Jashan e Bahar mela with great enthusiasm & joy. The most popular event of the festival is the fireworks display that lights up the sky with vibrant colours & lights. The festival also includes special events for children such as puppet shows, magic shows & clown performances.



Schedule of Jashan e Baharaan 2023

This year Parks and Horticulture Authority Lahore has announced the revival of the popular event but with a few changes due to some unfortunate incidents. The main event of the festival, Kites Flying Festival (Basant) has been canceled again this time and instead, new & exciting activities have been planned to make the celebration even more attractive to the masses. This Jashan e Baharan will be celebrated for a whole week i.e from 5th March to 12th March, 2023. Hopefully the CM Punjab will inaugurate the spring festival Lahore on 5th March at Jilani Park. Horse & cattle show will continue for 3 days i.e from 10 to 12 March, 2023. So hurry up & join Lahoris at the ‘Jashan E Baharan Lahore’, 2023 – the biggest celebration of the spring season. Here are details about key events and venues of Jashan e Baharan Mela 2023 Lahore.





Venues of Jashan e Baharan Mela 2023 Lahore

Witness a grand celebration in Lahore at various prominent locations such as;
1-Greater Iqbal Park
2-Jilani Park or Race Course Groung
3-National History Museum
4-Lahore Hockey Stadium
5-Fortress Stadium Cantt
6-Lahore Fort
7-Open Air Theatre
8-Data Darbar (Just For Mihafil e Samaa & Naat)



List of Jashan e Baharan 2023 Events in Lahore

Thronged with fun activities, the city would be decorated with beautiful models, paintings and lights that would surely steal the hearts. Students of National College of Arts will decorate the Lahore canal and surronding areas. Here is the list of top 40 expected events of Jashan e Baharan Lahore 2023;


1-Flowers & Plant Decoration Competition
2-Horse and Cattle Show
3-Food Stalls
4-Circus & Moot ka Kunwan
5-Folk Dance
6-Mehfile Sama for 7 days at Data Darbar complex
7-Free Fall
8-Family Festival
9-Laser Light & Fireworks Shows
10-Comedy Show
11-Army Band Performace
12-Hot Air Balloon Ride
13-Art and Craft Festival
14-Quiz Competition
15-Cars Show
16-Cut Flower Show
17-Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition
18-Mascot Parade
19- Horse Dance
20-Camel Cart Ride
21-Mural Painting Competition
22-Cyclothon & Marathon Race
23-Kids Rides
24-Camel Dance
25-Drama Festival
26-Free Fall
27-Amman Show
28-Dogs Show
29-Shamma Parade
30-Mashal Parade,
31-Mehfil e Qisa Goi
32-Mehfil e Mushaira
33- Naiza Bazi
34-Live Music Shows
35-Sufi Nights
36-Puppet Show
37-Magic Shows
38-Livestock March,
39-Tricks of Horses
40-Birds Shows


Exact Jashan e Baharan Mela 2023 Lahore’s events calendar will be released soon by PHA and we shall also publish it on this page of arqumhouse.edu.pk.



Concluding Remarks

So, gather your friends and family and get ready to enjoy the grandeur of Jashan E Baharan Mela Lahore 2023 as you witness a remarkable spring festival with a distinct cultural flair. Punjabis look forward to seeing you at the celebrations. Don’t miss out on the fun, festive & exciting activities and events that are waiting for you!


Jashan E Baharan Mela 2023 Lahore (Basant), Dates, Shows & Venues


Jashan E Baharan Mela 2023 Lahore (Basant), Dates, Shows & Venues