Horse & Cattle Show Lahore 2023, Schedule, Functions, Free Passes

Horse Cattle Show Pakistan 2023, Introduction, Events, Salient Features, Free Passes For All
The Horse & Cattle Show Lahore 2023 is an esteemed showcase of beauty & talent set to take place from 10th to the 12th of March 2023. The event is free of charge & boasts an amazing assortment of activities that celebrate the magical nature of these loved creatures. Chief Minister Punjab has constituted a special team to monitor the arrangements of national horse and cattle show 2023. Exact details about schedule with timing of each event will be published soon in form of newspaper ad. Then will also reproduce that ad on this page for your kind consideration.

Horse & Cattle Show Lahore 2023, Schedule, Functions, Free Passes


Horse & Cattle Show Lahore 2023, Schedule, Functions, Free Passes



The venue for the show will take place in four main places–Fortress Stadium, Race Course Park, Gaddafi Cultural Complex & Al-Hamra Halls, with all sights set upon the grand Jashan e Baharan of the spring season 2023.



Salient Features of The Horse and Cattle Show Lahore 2023

Throughout the long weekend of events, guests will enjoy an industrial, agricultural & of course an equestrian exhibition. These exhibitions will provide an education in the modern techniques of industry and agriculture while allowing the public to learn more about the these sectors.



Horse & Cattle Show Lahore 2023, Schedule, Functions, Free Passes



Along with the exhibitions will come entertainment in the forms of horse dancing, dog races, & of course horse-racing events. For those looking for more enjoyment , a “human flag” will also be performances, alongside motorcycle stunts and an exciting camel dance & beauty competition of livestock.



To celebrate the colorful culture of Lahore and Punjab, there will also be a variety of sports competitions & musical performances, such as football, wrestling, hockey, kabbadi & cricket. Other events such as folk music band performance, a polo tournament, equestrian jumping & the special parade of the army band & the rangers band, will ensure that the atmosphere feels truly festal.


More About Different Events of National Horse & Cattle Show 2023 Lahore

As for entertainment for the kids, there will be plenty of fun to be had at the food court & shopping stalls, as well as free games & recreation facilities. Furthermore, the sky will be lit with fireworks, as well as the free-fall of the Pak army commandos & special musical show by famous folk and pop-star singers & bands. REDS parade, luddi party, aman show, laser show, gymnastic show, unity folk dance, army band performance and flaming torch parade are some other important events of Horse cattle show Pakistan.



The Horse & Cattle Show Lahore was first time organized in 1964 to encourage the cattle breeders of the country by announcing rewards for them. It has since grown to be one of the most awaited festivals on the Lahori calendar. With a wide range of activities, splendid views, and plenty of fun to be had, Horse and Cattle Show Lahore 2023 is a must-attend event in the year 2023.



Final Thoughts

Let’s celebrate the culture & spirit of the land and enjoy the grandeur that Horse & Cattle Show 2023 has to offer. So come join Lahoris for the fantastic event, experience the once in a lifetime opportunity and delve into the heritage of Pakistan.