Italy Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students

Do you want to study in Italy but you are finding some issues in getting the information about the visa for study? Well, it is quite common among the students that they do want to make their future bright by studying in Italy but at the same time it do happen that they are not able to acquire the best information related with the visa application process. But wait! You do not have to look around here and there because with this post we would be giving you each single minor and major information related with the Italy student visa guide for Pakistani students.

Italy Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students

Italy Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students
Important Documents Required For Italy Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students:

Below are some of the important documents which you should submit while applying for the study application visa for Italy:
It is important that you should be submitting the application form copy along with the visa form.
You should also be providing with the 1-2 Passport size Photograph all along with the one full blank page of Valid Passport.
You should also be giving the evidence related with the medical insurance plus the letter from Italian educational institute addressed to the Italian Consulate General that is all approving recognition of the VISA application.
Evidence about the payment of the fee dues of the university in which you have apply along with the evidence of housing and address of the student’s accommodation.

How To Apply for Italy Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students?

As you would be getting the acceptance letter from the Italy university you will be dropping the application for the visa. You should be afterwards be providing with the valid passport that should have the validity of six months after the filing date.
In the application process another most thing that would be coming in your way is about the preparation of DOV (Declaration of Equal value).
You should be submitting with the original along with three photo copies of candidate’s Bachelor’s degree or even for the4 Postgraduate degree which is verified by Higher Examination Commission (HEC) and ministry of foreign matters. It should be completely translated in the Italian language. You should also be submitting with the original and Photo copy of Domicile Certificate.

Details About Italy Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students:

For the information of the students we would mention that the validity time span of the visa for Italy is about three months to one year. For the restitution, the student must inquire to the embassy of the country of origin. The issue of the visa application will take about 2-5 days of the process. There is no fee for application that is for the study in Italy.

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