Islamic History Online Test, MCQs on Early Era of Islam

Islamic History Online Quiz, MCQs on Sirat-un-Nabi & Islam  
Every Muslim has in depth knowledge about Islamic History. Islam is our beloved religion and being a Muslim its our duty to teach our kids about the all aspects of Islam. Although Islamic Studies is being taught in Pakistan till the graduation level as a compulsory subject, still there is a need of concentrating on general knowledge about Islam and Islamic History as MCQs about Islamic History, Islam and Islamic Studies are asked in all kinds of recruitment tests, competitive exams and admission entry tests. Sirat-un-Nabi can bring a revolutionary positive changes in your life.

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Islamic History Online Test, MCQs on Early Era of Islam

In this Islamic History online test we have included MCQs till 10 Hijrah. Soon tests on later period of Islamic History will also be published. All MCQs have been taken from past papers of different recruitment and competitive exams. We have already published 2 online quizzes on History of Pakistan and Indo Pak History. You should visit our online tests category daily as we try to update it daily by publishing at least one test everyday. Islamic History online tests will also help you in your Islamiyat/Islamic Studies paper of all classes.

Islamic History Online Test has 40 MCQs on early era of Islam.

1. How many Muslims took part in Gazwa Khandaq?


2. Identify the son (R.A) of Prophet Muhammad SAWW


3. When Gazwa Khyber was fought?


4. Who constructed the Dome of Rock in Jerusalem?


5. How many Muslims were with Holy Prophet PBUH in the conquest of Makkah?


6. When Azan was introduced?


7. First mosque in Islam (Masjid e Quba), was constructed in Rabi ul awwal ……………. years after the Prophet hood.


8. How many Muslims participated in Gazwa Badr?


9. Who was first martyr in Islam?


10. Which was the first ever written constitution of the world in the known history?


11. When Ramazan fasts were made obligatory?


12. When Masjid e Zarar was demolished?


13. Who was the first ever woman to accept Islam?


14. How many Muslims participated in Gazwa Uhad?


15. Who conquered the fort of Khyber in 7 A.H?


16. How many Muslims were martyred in Gazwa Uhad 4 AH?


17. Who was the first wife of Holy Prophet PBUH?


18. Who was given the title of Saifullah by Hazrat Muhammad SAWW?


19. Which was the first educational institute in Islam?


20. Who was first man to accept Islam?


21. Who was the first Muslim martyr in the Gazwa  Badr?


22. First important Gazwa i.e Gazwa e Badr was fought in ……………?


23. Name the first battle which was fought outside Arabia?


24. Who was the first migrant to Madina?


25. What is the second name of Battle of Trench which was fought in 5 A.H?


26. Who was the leader of first Hajj under Islam in 9 Hijrah?


27. When Misaq-e-Madina or Medina charter was written?


28. Who killed the knight of khyber Marhab?


29. How many Muslims were were martyred in Gazwa Badr?


30. When Zakat was made obligatory?


31. Who accepted the Islam first after the conquest of Makkah?


32. When Gazwa e Uhad was fought?


33. Who was the first child to accept Islam?


34. Who was the first slave to accept Islam?


35. When farewell Sermon of the Prophet PBUH (Khutbah Hajjatul Wida) was delivered?


36. When intoxicants were prohibited in Islam?


37. Who was the first victim of Muslims in Gazwa Badr?


38. When treaty of Hudaibiya was signed?


39. Who was companion of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW during his migration to Madina?


40. Ruler of which country accepted the Islam first?


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