IELTS Guide For Beginners

Do you think that IELTS is one of the most troubling thing to do? Well for some of the people it is but this is only headache if you are not aware from the main means of IELTS. At the same time there are some of the people who are not much aware about the concept of the IELTS. But for all those readers this post will make them teach about each single aspect of the IELTS. IELTS is the abbreviation of the International English Language testing system. This program is mainly taken into custody for the people who are planning to move to other countries as the immigrant. Or it is sometimes also taken by the students who are planning to study in the international universities. When you do apply for the visa for the other countries like Australia, UK and USA, they do demand for the IELTS maximum score. This score would let the visa embassy get the idea that you would able to survive in their country place with good communication skills in English speaking.

IELTS Guide For Beginners

Three Main Overview Sections of IELTS Academic:

Section No 1: Listening Section:

In the first section, you would be getting the questioning booklet corner that would be added with the questions for the candidates. All the answers of the questions are also written inside the booklet. Hence reaching at the ending portion of the IELTS test you would be transferring all the answers over the answer sheet.

Section No 2: Reading Section:

In the second section, as the reading section you would be able to get the three separate passages. Each single passage is about the 2 pages. You should be reading out all the passages with great attention. You would be answering all the questions related with the passages within the time given to you.

Section no 3: Writing Section;

In the last and third section of the writing section you would be given the task on the writing. Task 1 is added with the picture or some kind of the flow chart or the graph on which you would be writing the answer of 150 words.

What To Know About General Test in IELTS?

In the general test you would be given the task that is about the letter writing of 150 words. In the task 2 you would be given the general as well as academic form of the test. You have to write with the 250 word essay as in about 40 words.

How is the Score Calculated in IELTS?

The score of the IELTS is known by the name of Band. You can get the maximum band score of 9. Each single section would be given the score of 9 on the individual basis. In the speaking score you would be able to get the high score on the basis of the grammar all along with the vocabulary and yet with the pronunciation along with the fluency.

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