How to Overcome Stage Fright? Speech & Presentation Tips

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Delivering a killer speech or presentation is an art which everyone of you should try to master. Today again we shall share some golden tips with you about “How to Overcome Stage Fright“. These tips will also help you in job interview, delivering lecture/presentation and group discussion. We hope that you will not only like our post but also share it with your friends and class fellows.

How to Overcome Stage Fright? Speech & Presentation Tips

How to Overcome Stage Fright? Speech & Presentation Tips

Role of Personality in Delivering a Killer Speech or Presentation
Your personality plays a very significant role in your speech delivering. Some speakers do not pay any importance to the platform presence, consequently they fail to impress the audience. It is an important element in public speaking. As it’s not the mere words which influence the people, it is the manner of presentation which impresses the audience. Of course, certain great orators never gave much importance to their exterior. Still they held the audience spell bound for hours by their forceful speeches. But these are exceptional cases and these speakers are born speakers with natural talent, but if you want to master the art of public speaking you will have to consider this factor too.

Pre Speech Tips
Although a man’s personality is the result of its environment and to some extent it is inherited, yet it can be changed. You should never look tired and fatigued, rather you should look fresh and in good mood. It is strongly recommended that before going to stage for delivering a speech, you should eat light food and you should not fill your belly with all the delicious stuff lying on the table, because if you belly is over filled then you will feel a sort of laziness in your body and you might start dozing on the stage. Appear on the stage with winner’s mentality and full confidence your abilities to deliver a speech or presentation.

If you want to get proper attention from the audience then you should have to follow following rules of platform presence.

It is not necessary for speaker to wear costly or beautiful dress, but you should look decent. So wear neat, clean, simple and good looking clothes. Such a dress will give you a respectable look.

Your posture should be comfortable. While standing you can shift your weight from one leg to the other to remove your fatigue without making any distracting movement. You must have a full control over yourself both physically and mentally. When you come across the audience, don’t start speaking immediately. Instead you should take a deep breath, have a glance over the audience for a fleeting moment. If there is a noise in the audience, just have a little pause till everything is quite. A good speaker always stands erect and hold his chest high.

It’s a controversial subject. In the past gestures were given much importance, but now a days artificial gestures are completely ruled out. To some persons, certain gestures may suit personality, but we cannot generalize the use of same gestures for every speaker, as they may look very awkward if performed by some other persons. A gesture should be spontaneous and not the bookish, so avoid artificial and theatrical gestures.

Eye to Eye Contact
You should look towards all members of the audience and not stare particularly at one side only. Because if you don’t look towards any section of the audience, then they will think that you have intentionally ignored their presence and they will mind it a lot. Try to look straight into the eyes of the audience and face them boldly. Don’t look at the sky or downward towards your shoes. Neither your shoes nor the sky will be stolen. Always keep your head well back and erect, so that audience can listen you clearly and see you properly. Adopt some pleasing gestures to suit your personality. We have written already written a detailed article on “How to Overcome Stage Fright” to guide you. Here is the link for you.

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