How To Make Money Online With Adfly in 2024? Tips

Learn To Earn Money Online Through Adfly in Year 2024? Golden Tips
Do you know that by working for Adfly, you will be able to earn money, it is true! In this job, you will be asked to shorten the links. This is an easy activity and task which you can perform and you will be paid for it. You can call this platform as one of the alternatives of Google Adsense. Here you will know about the tips as to how to make money online through Adfly, here are the details for you:



Process to Register on Adfly

First of all, the concerned person has to visit the site of Adfly and then he or she has to make an account over there. The process of registration is free of cost. Once you are going to make your account, then you will be given task to shrink the links of websites and blogs.


How To Make Money Online With Adfly in 2019? Tips


How To Make Money Online With Adfly in 2024? Tips


Then you also have to share those shrink and shorten links on other websites and too on the social media platforms. When the other person will click on that shrink link, then an add appear will appear and person will going to watch that ad for about 5 seconds. This is how your task will be completed and you will be paid by Adfly. It is on the first of every month that you will be paid and your maximum earnings should reach to 5 dollars to 10 dollars amount.



Tips to Make Money Online Through Adfly

Make sure that you chose a publisher account while visiting the home page of Adfly. The working system on this site is quite easy. After making an account on this site, you will get a confirmation email. Make sure that you do read all of the instructions mentioned on that confirmation email.



Once you will become a publisher, then you have to write up the name of website or blog address on the rectangular box and then click on the shrink button. Your earnings will depend on the number of links the other people will click on your shrink link.



You can also share these shrink links on Twitter and Facebook platforms. It is on the different forums that you can share your made shorten links so that more and more people can click on it.



More Tips on Making Money Online by Using Adfly

Your earnings will remain safe in the account, You only have to reach the maximum withdrawal amount, only then you can withdraw your earnings.



You cannot click on your shrink links, you can only click on them for once and that too for the testing purpose. You cannot compel and force people to click on your links, the choice is up to them. Or you cannot give them any of the incentives at the same time.




If you have not used this Adfly platform, then you should do so. If you have ever earned from this website, then share your experience with us. More details on such kinds of money earning sources and platforms will be shared with you.



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