Learn The Art of Writing & Selling Ebooks-Earn Money Online Tips (Urdu-English)

How To Make Money Online By Writing & Selling ebooks? Tips in Urdu & English
You can make large amount of money by selling and writing ebooks, yes this is possible. Here the readers will grab the complete guide that how this process goes on. We have collected and made up top 30 earn money online tips for you:

Top 30 Earn Money Online Tips By Selling & Writing Ebooks

1-If you have creative writing skills then you should be writing an ebook on any of the popular topics.

2-Make sure that your written and compiled book, it should not be much longer and should not be that much shorter.

3-Your book topic and main theme should go hand in hand with the current situations and problems, in this way reader will take more interest in your book.

4-Your book should be based on one of the most and extreme demanding aspects.

5-You can be using social media platforms for the promotion of your ebooks.

6-The person should be selling his book on that platform where he will face the minimum amount of competition. If you are a beginner then look for such platforms where you have to face less competition.

7-If you does not want to write an ebook, then the other option for you is to write emails, they are also money making option.

8-Your marketing techniques have to be great while you are going to sell any of your ebooks.

9-You should have experience in this ebook writing section. Try getting some experience in the blog writing area and then write an ebook.

10-You should gather maximum knowledge about this writing section by reading similar kinds of books.


11-At least for two times, you should be proof reading your writings.

12-If it is your first writing, then you should not be much bothered by the grammar rules.

13-Your first book price has to be reasonable.

14-Make sure that you online reputation has to be strong so that audience love reading your books.

15-All claims which you will give about your writings, they have to be 100% true.

16-Especially for the beginners, they should also learn the art of rewriting.

17-Before you write a book, make sure that you make a complete outline of it.

18-You must compile an email list so that you can send your writing to the respective audience on time.

19-Try making a video trailer of your ebooks too.

20-You can do guests posts on different websites for the promotion of your book, this is a great marketing technique.

21-For your writings, you can make a facebook page so that people can remain updated about your writings.

22-You can join any group of writers and market your writings over there.

23-You can publish your book on the sites where you will get the free reviews.
24-Always write original.

25-Your book should be filled with new ideas only.

26-Always welcome reviews and criticism from your audience.

27-All ebook writers, prior to this job, they have their own blog as well. So you should too have your blog.

28-For your published writing, you should be getting at least five testimonials.

29-The title as well as description of your book, they have to look attractive.

30-The cover of your book, it has to look lot more eye catching.

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Learn The Art of Writing & Selling Ebooks-Earn Money Online Tips (Urdu-English)

Learn The Art of Writing & Selling Ebooks-Earn Money Online Tips (Urdu-English)