How To Get Study Visa Of France From Pakistan

Here we will discuss how to get study visa of France from Pakistan. Do you have some plans to make your way to France for the best educational study? If yes, then we are sure that this piece of article would be coming up with much more informative details for you. No doubt that among the whole world students, France is becoming one of the most demanding option in order to high educational study at the best. But in order to take admission in the France educational institution, it is important to successfully pass yourself through the study visa first. Do you want to know how?

How To Get Study Visa Of France From Pakistan

 How To Get Study Visa Of France Fro

Information About Type of French Student Visa You Want:

As you will be searching around you will probably be finding so many types of the student visa for France. From all those categories, you need to opt for that one single visa type that stands according to your study planning and so as the requirements.

Schengen student visa:

This visa type is for the short stay. This visa is basically taken into custody at the time when the students is planning to study for the duration of almost three months. If you want to stay for more months, then you will be applying for the court séjour pour étude, otherwise known as the short-stay or Schengen student visa..

Visa to sit entrance exams:

If you are giving the entry test in two or more France universities then you would be applying for the visa de court séjour étudiant concours which is the type of visa as meant for the purpose of just sitting inside the entrance exams.

Temporary long-stay visa:

The visa de long séjour temporaire pour études is known out to be the temporary student visa that will simply permit you to study in France for a time period of up to six months.

Method To Apply For a Student Visa for France:

Applicants who are applying for the France study visa, they will be applying all those the means of the Campus France channel. This source is all known out to be the country’s official national agency for higher education and international students. If you want to apply for the visa, then you should get in contact with the French consulate in your home country firstly. Below are some of the important documents to attach along with the France study visa application:
You should attach the official acceptance letter onto an accredited program at a French institution. This will be named out to be the officially headed paper that will be highlighting out with your full details, all along with the details of your program of study and the start and end dates of study.
You should also be giving the proof documents as about the funs for the purpose of living in that country place. This document will be in the form of the bank statement all along with the funding letter.
You should submit the proof of the medical insurance all along with the proof document of the proficiency in French.
So if you want to make your future brighter by studying in the France educational center, then without wasting any time apply for the visa procedure right now!

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