How To Get ISI Jobs 2024 in Pakistan After FA, BA & MA? Smart Tips

How To Join Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in Pakistan After Matriculation, Inter, Graduation & Masters? Tips & Tricks
The prime and main intelligence agency of Pakistan, it is this ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) and also called and known with the name of inter services intelligence. It is the first defence shield of our country. If you want to get an ISI job then here are the smart tips about ISI jobs 2024 for you:


How To Get ISI Jobs 2024 in Pakistan After FA, BA & MA? Smart Tips


How To Get ISI Jobs 2019 in Pakistan After FA, BA & MA? Smart Tips


How To Join Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in Pakistan?

It is by the medium of federal public service commission that you can become the part of this agency. On the regular basis, they out up the ads, you can apply for those positions and start to work for ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence).


To get recruited and selected for this agency, you have to clear and pass its written test and interview. You have to be great in the general knowledge part. Your personality has to be great.


You have to work on your IQ level, moreover, you have to work at your best on your EQ level. Your academic record has to be superb. In your interview, your personality traits and also your decision power, your family background, it will be evaluated. So work on these aspects because it is not easy to be in ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence).



Tips to Get ISI Jobs 2024 in Pakistan

The toughest stage in terms of the selection in this Inter-Services Intelligence agency, you have to work on its psychological test. You have to work on every single aspect and factor of your personality and make it multidimensional.



Improve your creative writing ability, solve the past papers and get a grip on the written test. There are two sections of this ISI test, the first one is the MCQ based and the other one is based on the essay writing part, English grammar and composition section.



Your decision making power and response time has to be excellent if you want to pass the psychological test and interview phase of this inter services intelligence test. Passing all the stages of this ISI test, they are important. As this is a thrilling sector and just the thrill minded and brave people are hired in this department. You will be judged on 360 degrees and if you will get failed even in the single aspect, you will be disqualified.



Your analytical skills, verbal and communication skills, then your quantitative skills have to be great. Your thinking ability has to be according to the standards as set by this agency. Have the leadership skills in you. There has to be rate of accuracy in your answers.
We are sure that now it will become easy for you to get an Inter-Services Intelligence job.



Final Words

We will share more tips with you. If you are about to appear in the inter services intelligence test, then follow all the tips. You have to work harder and give your 100% in the written test, interview and in your psychological test stage. These are the basic tips which you can opt, keep connected and further easy tips will be put up. Serve in this inter services intelligence agency and shine the name of your country. Stay connected with us for more posts on jobs 2024.