How To Earn Money with Google Adsense in 2024? Top 25 Tips

Make Money Online Tips Through Google Adsense For Pakistani Bloggers & Web Masters in 2024
Earning money through Google Adsense is all possible. We have collected the top 25 tips for you. We are sure that these make money tips will help you in earning money by using the platform of Google Adsense. Below are listed down and mentioned earn money tips for you. Implement them and start earning money:


1-It is vital for you to have your website in English. If your website or blog is in Urdu then you will earn money through the platform of Facebook. Google Adsense will pay you more if your website is available in the English language.


2-You can look for the other options too in terms of earning money like infolinks, DFP etc.


3-You have to keep on increasing the traffic of your website, you can do so by producing high quality content.


4-Your website has to be mobile friendly, in this way your chances of earning money will become high.


5-On your site, you have to publish and upload one to two articles on a daily basis.


How To Earn Money With Google AdSense? Top Ten Tips

How To Earn Money with Google Adsense in 2024? Top 25 Tips

6-Your content has to be unique so that you can quickly become the account holder of Google Adsense.


7-The theme of your blog or site has to be user friendly and also your page loading speed has to be maximum.


8-You should avoid asking your friends to keep on clicking on the ads.


9-Your account will get canceled if you will use any the spinning techniques.


10-From the same gmail address, make sure that you does not apply for another Google Adsense account.


11-You should analyze the site of your competitor on a daily basis so that you can look for more unique ways of generating traffic.


12-You can add up more of the pages on your site, like the contact page, policy page, disclaimer page.


13-Once you launch your site, then you should apply after the span of 90 days.


14-It is recommended to make the facebook page of your site.


15-You should not be buying any of the spam back links.


16-From any other person, you should not be buying Google Adsense account.


17-It is important for you to get maximum amount of traffic for your site and then you should be applying for this account.


18-To get a reasonable traffic, you can use Google adwords keyword planner.


19-Your content has to be unique and genuine. Note that content should always be the king on your website or blog, make it as much creative and get the highest percentage of traffic.


20-Try to increase your monthly income because if your monthly income will be exceeding Rs 10000, only then you can withdraw this amount from your account.


21-Your website should be AMP friendly as now majority of Internet user prefer to use cell phones rather than laptops or PC.


22-After getting Google Adsense account, you should also sign in for Google Double Click account for increasing your revenue. We shall soon guide you in detail about this option.


23-It is also recommended for you to launch your youtube channel related to your website. It will become an additional source of income for you through Google adsense.


24-You need to learn both on page SEO and off page SEO techniques for getting maximum traffic and resultantly revenue from Google Adsense.


25-Last but not least you should be aware of latest Google updates.


So we have told you about the top 25 ways of earning money with Google Adsense. Do get the understanding of these earn money tips and we are sure that in every single month, you will be able to earn suitable income. If you are working with this Google Adsense platform, then share your working tips and experience with us.


How To Earn Money with Google Adsense? Top Ten Tips