How to File a Claim in SECCAP? Download Form 2024 & Details in Urdu

How to Register a Claim in SECCAP?

In a province like sindh that is mostly being ruled by the feudal lords, there was always a need of change. The people were motivated but always needed a contemporary vision to accomplish their goals. Most of the areas did not have any schools and colleges and if there were any they were deprived of the basic facilities. The young generation wished for a good change. The problems multiplied when the students had to move from matriculation to any college. Those living in the rural areas had to spend so much from their pockets to reach the colleges at greater distances from them and set up in the urban areas. This was both time consuming as well as money consuming task. Sometimes they could not reach well in time and lost the chance of admission. The problem in urban areas was there but still it was not that complicated. The only thing was moving from one college to another. It was greatly challenging for the female students.


How to File a Claim in SECCAP? Download Form 2024 & Details in Urdu

How to File a Claim in SECCAP? Download Form & Details in Urdu

Process to File a Claim in SECCAP in 2024

To curb all these issues the foresighted government lead by the politician of modern age Bilawal Bhutto a revolutionary step was taken. This was to make admissions an easy way of achieving the goals. Instead of becoming a problem, it was to create a comfort zone for the students. To do all this SECCAP was introduced that is commonly named as Sindh E-Centralized College Admission Program. Under the umbrella of SECCAP (CAP Form) students can easily submit the admission 2024 forms online for the centralized college admissions in any part of the province. Once done the students get information through the website, or newspaper about their admission 2024 status. At present SECCAP is offering its services in Karachi only but soon this facility will be available in all the cities of Sindh province.


Although the process is extremely transparent and has no apparent loopholes, still at the time of announcement of the admission 2024 lists the students are sometimes not happy. They have grievances against the admission process. These complaints mostly occur because of the mechanical errors.



Important Factors

Although the organization has facilitated the students by announcing the separate SECCAP claim centers for female and male candidates to register the claims, still the students are advised not to misuse the facility. Some of the important facts that have to be considered in this regard are as follows:


  • The students cannot change the faculty through the CAP Karachi claim form, thus, they should make up their mind regarding the faculty before filling the initial form.
  • If the marks don’t fall in the merit limits of any institution because they are lower than that then the students are not considered eligible.
  • There can be a change of preference of college at this level.
  • Change of residential address cannot be considered a viable reason for the SECCAP claim.
  • The CAP claim forms are available on the designated centers.
  • Photocopied forms will not be accepted.


List of SECCAP Claim Centers

The students can check the names of the centers from the website or the newspaper ad. You may also download the SECCAP claim form through the link given below.


Click Here to Download SECCAP Claim Form 2024


How to File a Claim in SECCAP? Download Form & Details in Urdu

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