HITEC University Taxila Admission 2024 in BS, MS & PhD Programs

Hitec University Taxila Announces Admission 2024 in Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctorate Levels
Taxila is one of the ancient civilizations in Pakistan. It is considered as one of the earliest civilizations which were well settled and planned as compared to those existing in those times. Some ancient proofs also revealed that there was a Buddhist university in the city of ancient taxila too. Today the city occupies a significant place in the country for holding the technically most advanced Heavy Mechanical Complex. With the help and support of our most sincere friend China, the complex is serving the mechanical needs of the country. The city also stations the engineering college. Keeping in view the increasing educational needs for a prosperous and better future, a HITEC University was established to render the educational services in various engineering programs. The HITEC University offers the educational programs at three different levels that are bachelors, masters, MS and PhD in following technological fields:


  1. Electrical engineering
  2. Mechanical engineering
  3. Computer engineering
  4. Computer sciences


Besides these technical subjects, the similar degrees are offered in Islamic Studies and Mathematics. Since its inception in the world of education it has contributed a great deal and given the nation great technical minds.


The HITEC University Taxila is registered and recognized by HEC and is also registered by Pakistan Engineering Council for the engineering degrees. It is one of the seven universities that are offering outcome based education system. For the computer specialized degrees the HITEC University is associated with NCEAC and falls in the W category of the universities of this category.



Admission 2024 in Spring Semester

For the upcoming session the HITEC University has announced the admission 2024 in BS, MS and PhD. The admission 2024 are being offered in the above mentioned subject combinations.


HITEC University Financial Assistance Program

The HITEC University offers the opportunity to all competent students who are looking forward to get the best education but lack resources. The university has two plans to support such students:

  1. There will be a 50% fee concession in the first semester for the top fifty position holders in the college merit list.
  2. There is liberal financial assistance program for the needy but competent students.


Who can apply fof Admission 2024 in HITEC University?

The details of the eligibility criteria for all the mentioned standards can be checked on the official website of the HITEC University.


Important Dates For Admission 2024

The last date for the submission of the applications is not available at present. This will be followed by the MS entry test on 0 Jan, 2024 for MS and PhD programs in Spring semester that will be conducted simultaneously in Lahore, Taxila and Multan. For details about BS entry test visit www.hitecuni.edu.pk.



 How to Apply?

The interested candidates can acquire the admission forms from the college or can download it from the official website. Those holding the NAT/IE/ICS tests by NTS are eligible to apply for the said courses.


HITEC University Taxila Admission 2024 in BS, MS & PhD Programs

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