Government of Pakistan Hajj Policy 2022 (Urdu-English)

Read The Details About Latest Hajj Policy of Pakistan Announced By Federal Ministry of Religious Affairs

Federal minister for religious affairs Nur ul Haq Qadri has announced the Hajj policy 2022. Hajj package has been increased by 51000 rupees. 179210 people from Pakistan will perform Hajj in the year 2022. Under government Hajj scheme a person will have to pay 480000 to 490000 rupees. About 2000 people of above 70 year age will perform Hajj without lucky draw. Last year age limit was 80 years. This time 1000 seats have been reserved for the overseas Pakistani. 1.5% of government quota has been reserved for hardship cases. 500 seats will be given to laborers and low income persons who are working under EOBI and workers welfare fund. No body will be allowed to perform Hajj free of cost.



40% quota will be given to private hajj tour operators while 60% quota has been reserved for government Hajj scheme. People who were no chosen in the lucky draw of 2021, 2020 and 2019 will be sent on Hajj 2022 without lucky draw. Computerized lucky draw will be conducted for public sector Hajj scheme..Females can perform Hajj only with their “Mehram”. This condition will not be applied on Fiqa e jafria females of above 45 years of age.


Applications for Hajj Badal and Hajj Nafal will also be accepted if the applicant has not performed the Hajj during the last five years under government Hajj scheme. Two percent private quota will be given to new operators. Temporary Hajj camps will be established in Gilgit Baltistan too. Soon applications will be received for Hajj 2022. Direct flights from Quetta will also be started from this year. Government is also trying to improve the facilities for pilgrims in Makkah and Madina. We shall also upload the application form on More details about Hajj policy 2022 have been given in the newspaper cutting given below.


Hajj 2022 Application Form & Lucky Draw Result


Government of Pakistan Hajj Policy 2022 (Urdu-English)


Government of Pakistan Hajj Policy 2020 (Urdu-English)


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