General Election Result 2024 in Pakistan (National & Provincial Assemblies)

The Pinnacle of Democracy: Unraveling the Pakistan General Election Result 2024 of Provincial  & National Assemblies


ECP has officially set the date for the 2024 general election in Pakistan. Polling will be held on Thursday February 8, 2024. This day would determine the political trajectory of Pakistan. 128585760 voters will cast their votes in 2024. These will be separate polling stations for men and women. Polling stations will welcome voters from 8 AM to 5 PM on 8-2-2024. About 150 political parties and one alliance (i.e GDA) will contest the elections. PML N, PPPP, JUI, QWP, JWP, BNP, BAP, PTIN, PTIP, MQM, Jamat-e-Islami, ANP, IPP and TLP are the major parties which are taking part in these 9th general elections of Pakistan.


General Election Result 2024 in Pakistan (National & Provincial Assemblies)

General Election Result 2024 in Pakistan (National & Provincial Assemblies)



CNIC is mandatory for casting your vote in general elections. Expired CNIC will also be accepted. So do take your CNIC to polling station at the time of casting your precious vote. In this post we going to give you all the details about general election result 2024 in Pakistan. Lets start reading the some basic facts about general election in Pakistan;



Notable Absence: PTI’s Conspicuous Decision

PTI can not participate in this election as a political party as it was not allotted election symbol. This  decision was taken by ECP as PTI failed to conduct internal party elections in time as per its constitution. Now all PTI candidates have become independent candidates and they have given different election symbols.Imran Khan is also in jail with his wife and senior leadership of PTI. It will be hard for PTI supporters to support their party due to these practical issues. That’s why the future of PTI is still unclear in these elections.



Nawaz Sharif’s Anticipated Return to Power

All eyes are on the PML (N) camp as it is expected that they would emerge victorious in the 2024 elections. The charismatic leader of this party is Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif who may become the PM of Pakistan forth time. International media has declared him the king of return. The PMLN party’s stronghold is in Punjab. It is evident in previous elections. Punjab may play a pivotal role in securing a majority for PMLN.



PPP’s Resurgence: A Contender in Sindh

PMLN is in the spotlight but the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has also emerged as a formidable force. Recent surveys positioned PPP as the 2nd largest party in the upcoming general elections of Pakistan, with indications that it might form the government in Sindh. This resurgence highlighted the enduring popularity of the Bhutto’s party, especially in its stronghold province.



PTI’s Unconventional Strategy: Independents in KPK

Despite the party’s official absence, PTI candidates adopted an unconventional approach by contesting as independent candidates. Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf can still give surprise particularly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). Future of PTI depends upon its performance in Punjab and Karachi, where it got great success in 2018 elections. Party is technically very strong due to its use of modern technology like social media, youtube and artificial intelligence. Party has voters but not enough supporters on ground to manage the election day. They need to mobilize their supporters on election day.



Provincial Dynamics: PMLN Dominance and Coalition in Balochistan


All recent surveys show that PML (N) is once again going to get dominance in Punjab and national assembly. In KPK PTI, PTIP, JUI, JI, QWP, PMLN, ANP and PPP are in the race. In Balochistan BNP mangal, BAP, JUIF, PPP, BNP and PMLN are major parties. In Sindh MQM, JI, PPP and GDA may be the key players. Coalition government is expected in KPK and Balochistan.



Election Commission Vigilance: Helpline and Complaints Mechanism

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) going to play a crucial role in ensuring the transparency & fairness of the electoral process. Citizens were provided with a helpline no (051-111327000) & a dedicated WhatsApp # (0327-5050610) to address inquiries & complaints. is the official email ID of ECP for the same purpose. Sikanadar Sultan Raja, the Chief Election Commissioner, & Dr. Syed Asif Hussain, Secretary ECP, oversaw the proceedings, reinforcing the commitment to a democratic & accountable electoral system.



Empowering Voters: How to Check Vote and Polling Station

In a bid to empower citizens & to promote transparency, the ECP facilitated a simple method for voters to verify their information. By typing their CNIC without hyphen/dashes or spaces on their mobiles & sending it to 8300, individuals could access updated voter records for ensuring that the electoral roll accurately reflected their details.



Real-time Updates: A Click Away


For those eager to stay abreast of the unfolding political narrative, a link has been provided for real-time updates on the General Election Result 2024 in Pakistan. Just click on the following link for getting latest general election Pakistan result 2024 from the authentic source i.e election commission of Pakistan.



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In conclusion the general election result 2024 in Pakistan is not merely a numerical outcome but a reflection of the collective voice & choices of the people. As the nation navigates the aftermath, the anticipated return of Mian Nawaz Sharif, the resilience of PPP & the unconventional strategies of PTI add layers to the intricate tapestry of Pakistani politics. The Election Commission’s vigilance & the empowerment of voters through technological means underscore the commitment to a robust & participatory democratic process. As the dust settles, the true impact of these elections on Pakistan’s political future will continue to unfold, shaping the nation’s trajectory in the years to come.