GC University Lahore Admission 2024 in BS Programs

GCU Lahore Announces Admission 2024 in Bachelor of Science BS Programs

As we all know that all the universities from all over the Pakistan have started opening with their graduate and post graduate level of the admissions so GC University Lahore has also inward with the same admissions for the students. There are so many students who do have the wish to study in the GC University as being one of the best and well known reputable educational universities in the place of Lahore. It was founded in the year 1864. It is the same university that provided the high education to the Muhammad Iqbal and so many well known scholars. This university center is best in offering with the intermediate, graduate and post graduate level of the studies. They have their own criteria of admission that is made on the complete merit base system.



Key Features of GC University Lahore

GC University Lahore is a renowned higher education institution which is known for its quality education and research. The university has a long tradition of excellence in teaching and research. GCU Lahore offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, diploma and postgraduate programs. GC University Lahore has a strong commitment to quality education and research. It has a well-qualified and experienced faculty. The university offers a wide range of facilities and services to its students. GC University Lahore has a strong commitment to the welfare of its students. It provides a safe and secure environment for its students.



Facilities at GCU Lahore For BS Students

Here is the list of some more facilities available at GC University Lahore & KSK campuses;

Academic Facilities:

1-GCU Lahore has various departments for undergraduate & postgraduate studies.
2-Historic university has well-equipped classrooms & lecture halls.
3-There are lot of laboratories for conducting practical experiments & research.



1-Main and reference libraries have extensive collection of books, magazines, journals, text books & research materials.
2-Reading rooms for students are also available in GCU LHR campus.


Sports Facilities:

1-Govt College University has many sports grounds for cricket, football & other outdoor games like oval ground in man campus.
2-Indoor sports facilities are also available for badminton, table tennis etc.


Hostel Accommodation:

1-Government College University Lahore has many historic hostels like new hostel, Iqbal hostel etc.
2-Lot of facilities are offered for resident students like dining halls, doctor & common areas.
Cafeteria & Dining:
On-campus cafeterias are there in all campuses for providing food services.


Computer Labs:

Campus has many computer labs for IT and general students.
Auditorium & Conference Halls:
Spaces are available for seminars, workshops, dramas, quiz competitions, speeches and conferences like Bukhari auditorium and open air theater.


Medical Facilities:

There is also health services & a medical center for Ravians.



Latest transportation services for commuting students.


Student Societies and Clubs:

Various student-run societies & clubs for extracurricular activities.


Research Centers:

GCU Lahore has many specialized centers for advanced research & development.



Campus security to ensure the safety of students.



GC University Lahore Admission 2024 in BS Programs



GC University Lahore Admission 2024 in BS Programs

Information About GC University Lahore Admission 2024:

GC University has opened its fresh and latest admission 2024 for the courses of the graduation program (BS) in the fields of the science arts, math computer science and languages.



List of Programs Offered In GC University Lahore Admission 2024:

Environmental Sciences

Media & Communication Sciences
Business Accounting and Finance etc

Main Basis of Admission Criteria In GC University Lahore Admission 2024:

Admission 2024 in the GC University will be done on the basis of the open merit as well as sports basis, Hifz Quran, disable candidates, overseas Pakistani, Foreign Nationals, Minorities and Co Curricular candidates.



Availability of Admission form and Prospectus:

You would be able to get the admission form and prospectus from the 1st Feb, 2024.



Location of Availability of Admission form and Prospectus:

You can get the prospectus from the HBL branch of the GC university. You can also download it from the site of www.gcu.edu.pk. Online form has been given at www.gcuonline.pk. You have to submit the application form with the bank draft of Rs. 2000 on the name of “GC University Lahore”.



Last Date for Application Form Submission:

Applicants can submit the application forms till the last date of the 15 February, 2024.



Contact Details For GC University Lahore Admission 2024:

For further details about the GCU Lahore admission 2024 process and additional inquiry you can visit the below mentioned contact details of the GC University Lahore:

Saboor Ahmad Khan, Registrar, GC University, Katchery Road, Lahore 54000
Telephone: +92-42-99213340
UAN: 111-000-010 Ext: 207/407
E-Mail: registrar@gcu.edu.pk




In short GCU Lahore offers vibrant student life with state of the art facilities. Getting admission 2024 in GC University Lahore will add a star in your profile. You will become a Ravian which is the club of most talented people of the country. So try hard to avail this golden opportunity for securing your future academic and professional life.

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