Full Time MBA Vs EMBA, Online MBA, Correspondence MBA, Part Time MBA

Regular MBA Vs Executive MBA, Global MBA, Commonwealth MBA, Online MBA, Distance Learning MBA, Weekend MBA

There are many kinds and versions of MBA program. You can pursue this degree as in the form of a regular program. You can do executive or professional MBA program. You can admit in the online MBA program or you can be doing the correspondence masters of business administration studies. Here you will know about the details of these different versions of degree programs:

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Full Time MBA Vs EMBA, Online MBA, Correspondence MBA, Part Time MBA

Executive MBA or EMBA Degree Program
Those who are working, if you have working experience, then it is a desirable degree for you. It is recommended that if you have at least 5 to 7 years of working experience, only then you should study this EMBA program.

This degree will not teach you about the basics of management and business administration aspects. Here you will learn about its practical aspects.

Correspondence MBA Program
If you do have less than 5 years of working practical experience, then you can opt for this degree. This degree is offered by Allama Iqbal open university and also by Virtual university.

We have seen that now Gomal university, GCUF and BZU university, they are too offering this degree mode to the students of Pakistan. We will update you more that which universities in the future time shall offer distance learning degrees for Pakistan students.

Part Time MBA Degree Program
In this program, you just have to appear for Saturday and Sunday classes. As this program is weekend based, so it is great for working people. If you fall in the professional category or you are doing any kind of job, then you should get this professional degree right now.

Commonwealth MBA Degree
This is distance learning program and it is offered by Allama Iqbal open university. The Commonwealth of UK is supporting and backing this program. This is 100% recognized as well as identified program.

Online MBA Program
Then we have an online MBA program. In this mode, you should have a laptop and you will complete this masters studies of yours online. Before you pick out the university, make sure that it offered online MBA program should be authentic.

Full Time MBA Program
Lastly, we have regular MBA program for you. In this degree program, you will be offered with regular classes. This program usually comprise the span of 2.5 years and you are taught with the basic as well as practical concepts. Those who does not have working experience and if you have just completed your BBA studies, then you can enroll in this degree.

You have to make sure that the university which you are choosing for your business studies, it should be approved university. If you pick out that university which does demand GMAT test for the admission in MBA studies, then that specific university is a genuine institution for sure. If you count yourself as a serious business student, then it will be better if you go for BBA studies first of all which is bachelor of business administration studies.

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