France Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students

Are you ready to apply for the France study visa? Any single applicants who is other than EU it is important for him or her to have the student visa. You can easily get the student visa for France by visiting the consulate or via college/university. The college/university is basically defined as the online portal that is the form of the access of the French consulate. Through this process the Government will be giving you the complete guidance all about the options that which university center in France is best for your study and what steps you have to follow in the visa application process. Below to all the readers, we would be giving you the guidance related with the France student visa guide for Pakistani students.

France Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students


List of Important Documents In France Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students:

First of all, it is important that you should be having the acceptance letter from the university center where you have apply before you apply for the visa application form.
As you would start off with the visa application process, it is important that you should attach it with the fresh recent photograph all along with the copy of academic record along with a photocopy of money order paid to the college in regard to the admission fee.
You should also be providing with the evidence of the bank draft related with the tuition fee payment.
You should be providing with the copy of the passport that should have the valid time span of almost 1 year.
You should also be giving the submission of the copy of the police certificate along with the photocopy of the Bank Certificate and Academic Documents.

How To Apply For France Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students?

Before you apply for the visa application it is important that you should get into the meeting with the assigned consulate via its official website. You should arrange this meeting at least 90 days before the departure to France. You will be applying for the visa at the place of French consulate. You should be sure with the fact that the application is filled completely and along with the valid information.

France Student Visa Guide For Pakistani Students:

As in favor of the single entry the fee of the visa application to France is about Rs. 6000. It might be possible that the charges would change according to the terms and conditions of the visa application process. The candidate should pay the fee in the Dollars. The finishing time duration of this complete visa application process is about 12 to 15 days. This time duration can take long time if the applicant will not be submitting the documents on time.


So what are you thinking for? Before France visa application process would create some strict rules and regulations for the applicants apply for it now! All the Best!

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