First EQ Test in Pakistan, Check Your Emotional Intelligence Online

Emotional Intelligence (EI) Quiz- Check Your Emotional Quotient (EQ) Online
It has been noticed by psychologists that EQ (Emotional Quotient) is more important for success in life than IQ. You guys must concentrate on improving your Emotional intelligence (EI) level as good EQ level will help you a lot in facing any trouble/emergency situation in life. On This page you can check your emotional intelligence online. We have written a detailed article on importance of emotional intelligence (EI) in your success in life. Link of the article has been given in the end of this post.

EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Vs IQ (Intelligence Quotient)-Success Tips

First EQ Test in Pakistan, Check Your Emotional Intelligence Online

In short your good emotional intelligence level can help you in solving and facing all problems in your life. Its not an easy task to improve your EQ level but soon we shall guide you in this regard too. You just need to visit us frequently.

As per our research and information we are introducing first ever online EQ test in Pakistan. Our team of psychologists have developed this emotional intelligence test after great research. You may compare our EQ test with the EQ tests published by other international online testing websites. By comparing you will feel the difference between and other testing websites. Its just first EQ test as we are working on this subject and soon on the turn of this subject more EI tests will be published. You are welcoming you to ask any question about your EQ level and methods for improving EI level from our team of psychologists. Visit us and our facebook page for guidance about for different online tests. Read our following article for guidance about EQ.

EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Vs IQ (Intelligence Quotient)-Success Tips

Less Than 14 Marks – Unsatisfactory
More Than 16 Marks -Satisfactory
More Than 26 Marks – Good
More Than 36 Marks – Excellent

1. I believe in


2. Do you have good sense of humor?


3. What kind of books you read?


4. How do you take feedback from your customers?


5. What is your thinking approach or strategy?


6. I love


7. How you can work easily?


8. When you can focus on your work?


9. How do you handle the pressure situations?


10. Can you admit your mistake?


11. What is your opinion about your immediate/last boss?


12. What kind of person you are?


13. I always try to


14. I hate


15. You always focus on what?


16. What is your opinion about over time?


17. How do you manage the stress?


18. I am emotionally a


19. How do you deal with criticism?


20. You learn from which thing?


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