Essay on Importance of Technical Education in Pakistan (English & Urdu)

Importance of Vocational & Technical Education in Pakistan (Essay in English & Urdu Languages)
Introduction: Pakistan is a country with a rich cultural heritage and a long history. The country has also been through many political changes in the past. These changes have led to an increase in the number of people who are not literate or unable to read and write. This has created a need for more technical education in Pakistan.


What is Technical Education?

Technical education is a category of post-secondary education that prepares students for occupations in the technical and skilled trades. In Pakistan, Technical Education has been defined as an undergraduate program leading to a degree in engineering, technology, or other relevant field of study. The importance of Technical Education cannot be overemphasized as it has played an important role in the development of Pakistan. Initially, Technical Education was offered at various colleges affiliated with various universities but gradually it became institutionalized and now there are several government and private institutions providing Technical Education.


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Essay on Importance of Technical Education in Pakistan (English & Urdu)


Pakistan’s economy is highly dependent on the expanding manufacturing sector which employs over 60% of its workforce. The country’s ability to compete in the global market will critically depend on its ability to produce technically qualified graduates. Pakistan’s ranking in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2015 results shows that it falls significantly short of meeting the OECD’s minimum standards for technical education. A lack of technical education graduates has serious consequences for the country’s economic competitiveness, as well as its social and human capital development.



Pakistan has a long history of providing inadequate levels of basic education, which weakens its ability to compete in the global market. The country ranks 145th out of 176 countries in terms of literacy rates, and 65th out of 68 countries in terms of math capabilities. In addition, Pakistan ranks poorly when it comes to university rankings, with only 2 universities ranked among the top 200 universities worldwide by Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2017-2018. This indicates that there is a significant need for vocational technical education in Pakistan because of the current unemployment rate and the shortage of skilled labor. The government has been trying to increase the number of vocational technical graduates in order to fill the gaps in the labor market.


Why Is Technical Education Important?

Technical education is important for Pakistan because it helps to bridge the skills gap between the needs of the current workforce and the available job opportunities. The skills gap is a significant problem in Pakistan, as there are not enough jobs available that match the skills of the current workforce. Technical education can help to fill this gap by providing students with training in areas such as engineering, computer science, and business administration. In addition, technical education can help to increase the competitiveness of Pakistani businesses by providing them with the skills they need to compete in global markets.


How Can Technical Education Be Improved In Pakistan?

Technical education in Pakistan is important because it helps develop skilled workers who can help improve the country’s economy. Technical education can also help increase the country’s competitiveness in the global market. There are many ways that technical education can be improved in Pakistan. One way is to create more competition among schools to ensure that students have access to the best possible education. Another way is to provide better resources and facilities for students so that they can learn effectively.


Conclusion: Technical education is important because it helps people find jobs and improve their lives. There are many ways that technical education can be improved in Pakistan. The government, teachers, and students all need to work together to make this happen. Here below we have given Urdu essay on “importance of technical education in Pakistan”.


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Essay on Importance of Technical Education in Pakistan (English & Urdu)