Doodly Pricing, Review, Benefits, Plans, Alternatives, Uses, Make Money, Comparison & Tips

Honest Review of Doodly White Board Animation Software, Standard & Enterprise Plans, Price, Pros & Cons and Opportunities for Making Money Online

What is Doodly?
Doodly is a easiest whiteboard animation software, which requires no design and technical expertise to use. It can make both whiteboard and blackboard videos in minutes with professional touch and realistic style. If you want to make hand-sketched, doodle videos for any purpose then doodly should be your first choice. You may promote your business, spread any public service message, produce course, increase sales through doodly software. You may also rock on social media through doodle videos. It also allows you make glassboard and green screen video animations. For making doodle video first you will have to just select an image. Then click and drag the selected image to the canvas area. Now software will show its magic by automatically drawing the image with creativity.



Why Doodly is So Much Popular?
One of the main reasons why Doodly is a popular tool for video creation is that it offers a variety of features that allow users to create professional-looking videos. Doodly is a video creation tool that can be used to create videos for a variety of purposes. Users can create videos to promote their businesses, provide information about a company or product, create an online video series, or simply to entertain. To create a video for your business, you can use a variety of tools. You can use a consumer-level video editing program to create a basic video, or you can enlist the help of a professional video production company.

Doodly Annual Plans Standard & Enterprise

Doodly Pricing, Review, Benefits, Plans, Alternatives, Uses, Make Money, Comparison & Tips

Doodly Pricing, Review, Benefits, Plans, Alternatives, Uses, Make Money, Comparison & Tips

Doodly is updated regularly and new features, character images, prop images, royalty free music, video templates and fonts are added in it on regular basis.



Why Doodly?
It uses latest smart technology and artificial intelligence for making doodle videos. Its smart draw technology allows you to upload your own images too for creating doodle videos as per your imaginations.
For giving the personalized touch to the animation videos you will be given choice to select the artist hand of any gender, color, size and ethnicity.


Doodly Pricing, Review, Benefits, Plans, Alternatives, Uses, Make Money, Comparison & Tips

You can easily add your voice into your doodle video. You will have to only click the record button, then start speaking, now this software will automatically record and add your voice over in your video animation. There is also an option of uploading a professional voice over. You can too export audio from another source easily.


This software gives you unlimited choices for boosting and polishing your creativity like large number of 1000s self drawn doodle images which you will never find in any other platform. Team of professional graphic artists is contentiously working on improving its library assets. About 200 characters are available in 20 various styles. There are about 2 dozen background scenes available with large amount of props on all topics for giving you liberty to work in any niche. There is also liberty of uploading images of one’s own choice.


Adding background music is also very easy through drag and drop method. Just add it on timeline and increase or decrease the voice and enjoy the created video in minutes.


You may download and install doodly on unlimited computers. It is also compatible with both PC & Mac. Its dashboard is also users friendly and even a kid can create doodle videos on it with extreme ease.



What is The Difference Between Doodly Standard Plan & Doodly Enterprise Plan?
Doodly desktop software is offered through 2 plans i.e Doodly Standard Plan and Doodly Enterprise Plan. You will get 84 scene templates, unlimited video creation facility, use on multiple machines and invitation to doodly design fb group in both of these plans. In doodly enterprise as compared to doodly standard you will get almost triple character images, double prop images, 100 more royalty free music audios, double video templates, double fonts and premium support. You may view the difference in both these plans in form of images given on this page.



Should I Buy Doodly Standard or Doodly Enterprise? Doodly Pricing
If you are interested in Doodly standard then i will recommend you to buy Doodly life time deal in 67$ as in this case you will not have to pay monthly subscription fee of 39%. For a new user or personal use Doodly LTD or standard plan is more than enough. But professionals should go for doodly enterprise for which you will have to pay 69% monthly or in case of annual subscription you will have to pay just 40$ per month. It means you will get flat 49% discount. This offer is also offered on annual subscription of doodly standard plan. In this case you will pay 20$ per month, but again we recommend LTD offer for such customers.



Doodly Alternative
Videoscribe and Doodle Maker are two best alternatives of doodly software. If you are a professional animator or video creator then you should invest in more software as these will be your assets in future through which you will be able to make money online. Try to get LTD of these software and never use cracked versions rather in case of low investment buy them collectively with other fellows.


Final Thoughts
Doodly is one of the best whiteboard animation software in the market. It has both pros and cons but its advantages are more than its disadvantages. You can rely on it for making money online through social media marketing.