CMW Diploma In Pakistan: A Quick Guide on Becoming Community Midwife

Career Counseling Guide about Scope of Community Midwife Course (CMW Diploma) in Pakistan
CMWs are skilled, trained and certified midwives who provide health care services to women.


The midwife training course is intended for the community health workers. These people work in the communities and are the ones who come across pregnant mothers in the villages and teach them how to look after their babies. They also give them instructions on how to take care of themselves during pregnancy, and even how to breastfeed their babies. This training course (CMW diploma) is a community-oriented one, as it aims to help the rural women by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to take care of their children and themselves.


CMW Diploma In Pakistan: A Quick Guide on Becoming Community Midwife

CMW Diploma In Pakistan: A Quick Guide on Becoming Community Midwife

The program has been developed in accordance with the curriculum guidelines of the Nursing Council of Pakistan. The contents of the program have been reviewed and updated according to the latest knowledge. The program consists of a number of courses, which are organized into three main blocks: Basic Nursing, Advanced Nursing, and Clinical Care.



1. The Definition of a CMW
So what is a community midwife? Think of a community midwife as a mentor. A community midwife takes time out of her busy day to provide a helping hand and a guiding light. She offers guidance, advice, and mentorship to others in the community. In a sense, she becomes a mother hen to all the individuals in her community. And that’s just what the community midwife does.



2. What is a Midwife?
The definition of a midwife is: “A woman who gives birth to and cares for newborn babies and helps prepare mothers for the delivery.”



3. A CMW’s Role in Childbirth
The CMW should be in the room when a woman is giving birth. This is a simple fact: The average length of a labor is between 11 and 16 hours and the time during which a mother and her baby are in the delivery room can be very stressful for both. As the CMW, it’s your job to make sure the hospital is providing the right level of care for the mother and the baby. You can do this by being there every step of the way, offering emotional support, and reminding the patient of the progress she is making.



4. What is the Scope of Practice of a CMW?
How about when it comes to midwifery? Community Midwives (CMW) are women who work with their communities and help to empower the mothers and babies in those communities to raise healthy and happy families. CMWs provide the support, resources, and skills to help families develop positive health behaviors and self-care practices that will prepare them for the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. CMWs teach new mothers and fathers how to recognize their own behaviors, emotions, and thoughts, and offer support, encouragement, and resources to help them change the unhealthy behaviors and negative thoughts that can interfere with their ability to experience positive outcomes during pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum periods.



5. What is the Cost of Becoming a CMW in Pakistan?
Fee of CMW diploma in public sector nursing schools is very nominal but its not a cheap course in private college. Here below you may view a fee schedule of a private sector nursing school (Memon College of Nursing) for CMW diploma;

CMW Diploma In Pakistan: A Quick Guide on Becoming Community Midwife

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6. What are the Benefits of Becoming a CMW?
The biggest benefit of becoming a community midwife is that you get to help people. Your community will love you because you’re helping them. It makes you feel great knowing that you’re making life better for your friends and neighbors. Plus, you’ll gain the reputation of being a really nice person!



7. What is the Duration of CMW Training?
Duration of CMW diploma is 2 years in Pakistan.



8. What Qualifications do you need to Become a CMW?
You must have passed SSC exam in science subjects with minimum 45% numbers. Some colleges also demand to clear entry test and interview of matric level.


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9. What is the Job Market like for a CMW Diploma Holders?
There are many different ways to find out about the job market for a certain field. The most common way is through social media, but a less-popular but very effective method is through word of mouth from those you know who have already had the experience. Word of mouth is still the most reliable and direct way of finding jobs in specific fields, but social media can provide additional options for those who prefer that method. You may find jobs in maternity homes, clinics, hospitals, local bodies, non profit organizations and family planning centers.


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In short LHV, CNA and CMW are best 2 year diploma programs for females in Pakistan. All these three courses have great scope in Pakistan. Community midwife CMW diploma is at the top of this list.