CyberKnife in Pakistan For Treatment of Cancer & Tumor, Comparison with Gamma Knife

Ultimate Guide About Cyber Knife Treatment in Pakistan, Comparison with Gamma Knife, Uses, Benefits, Precautions, Risks, Alternatives, Cost & Hospitals List (English & Urdu)
CyberKnife is a revolutionary technology in the field of radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer and tumor of all kinds. It is a robot-controlled, non-invasive, radiation therapy system designed to deliver precise, targeted radiation doses with high dose rates & up to 100% accuracy. It is used to treat tumors, lesions & other irregularities in the body that would otherwise be difficult to reach with traditional radiation treatments and surgery. In short Cyber Knife is a form of radiation treatment called stereotactic body radiation therapy (or SBRT), which delivers high-dose radiation precisely to a tumor or lesion without damaging nearby healthy tissue or organs. it can treat the tumor of up to 18 cm size & its success rate is up to 85%. The cost of its machine is from 3 million to 5 million dollars that’s why at present this cancer treatment is available in less than 300 hospitals of the world.



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Overall, Cyber Knife is a breakthrough technology that has enabled enhanced precision in radiation therapy, resulting in greater benefits for patients. However, it is important to take the necessary precautions & ensure that the treatment is suitable for the individual before embarking on it. Lets discuss all these factors one by one in this post of;



How it Works?

Cyber Knife works by delivering high-energy, concentrated beams of radiation directly to a specific target. The radiation doses are monitored & adjusted as the patient is moved on an automated couch. The CyberKnife technology is highly accurate & it enables the radiation treatment to be finely tuned to the exact size, shape & depth of the tumor or other abnormality. Patients typically experience fewer side effects with CyberKnife than with other treatments.


Uses of Cyber Knife

CyberKnife can be used to treat brain tumors, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, neck cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer & liver cancer. Cyber Knife can also be used to treat benign tumors & conditions such as vascular malformations, trigeminal neuralgia & Parkinson’s disease.


Benefits of Cyberknife

The main benefits of CyberKnife over traditional radiation therapy include:

• Much shorter treatment times—the CyberKnife system can deliver around 5 times the dosages of traditional therapy in just 1 treatment session.


• Precise targeting of tumors—the Cyber Knife treatment is extremely accurate & can be programmed to hit tumors & lesions with great precision while avoiding healthy tissue. Also, this level of precision allows doctors to use lower doses of radiation than usual in conventional radiation therapy, reducing radiation-related side effects.


• A less invasive treatment—the CyberKnife system is completely non-invasive & doesn’t require open surgery at all.



Precautions with CyberKnife

Despite the many benefits of Cyber Knife treatments, there are certain precautions which should be taken before undergoing this treatment. For instance, Cyber Knife therapy is suitable for some tumors, but not all. Patients suffering from certain conditions, like heart disease & respiratory illnesses are not advised to undergo this treatment, as it may be too dangerous for them. Patients should consult their doctor and make sure they are suitable for the treatment before agreeing to it.



It is also important to follow your doctor’s instructions when undergoing Cyber Knife treatment. This includes taking any medications that your doctor prescribes before, during & after the procedure. You should also avoid activities that may put a strain on the treated area for example driving or lifting heavy objects.




Although CyberKnife is considered a safe & effective cancer treatment, it does have certain risks & side effects. These include skin burns & discoloration, hair loss & temporary changes in vision. The ratio of these side effects is extremely low.



Alternatives to CyberKnife

Other forms of radiation therapy used to treat cancer & other conditions include Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) & Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT). IMRT is a form of radiation therapy used to treat prostate & breast cancers & is delivered in multiple small radiation beams. IGRT is similar to Cyber Knife but uses a real-time imaging technique to ensure that the radiation is targeted to the correct area.



There are some other options too like proton beam therapy, traditional external beam radiation therapy & intensity-modulated radiation therapy are available. Other options may include surgery, chemotherapy, radioactive seed implants, immunotherapy & even alternative medicines. Ultimately, the best treatment for any cancer patient is determined by their doctor or a team of cancer specialists.



Gamma Knife Vs Cyber Knife

When it comes to high-precision radiosurgery for the treatment of tumors, both CyberKnife & Gamma Knife offer excellent results. CyberKnife is a robotic system that can be used to treat tumors anywhere in the body with pinpoint accuracy. It is a non-invasive way to deliver radiation beams to a tumor & treatments typically take an hour or less. Gamma Knife is an older technology that has been used for decades to treat brain tumors & vascular malformations. Gamma Knife uses up to 192 beams of radiation to target a tumor from multiple angles, making it more precise than conventional radiation therapy methods. Both technologies are highly effective at treating tumors, but there are advantages & disadvantages to each. CyberKnife requires fewer treatments than Gamma Knife which makes it more cost-effective & convenient for patients. However, Gamma Knife is better suited for larger tumors or those located in hard-to-reach places like the brainstem. Ultimately, the best option for any patient will depend on the size & location of their tumor, as well as their individual needs & preferences.



List of Hospitals in Pakistan with The Facility of Cyber Knife

As i mentioned above that cyberknife facility is still very rare in the world still many hospitals in Pakistan have also installed the cyber knife like Jinnah Hospital Karachi, Gurki Hospital Lahore and Nori Hospital Islamabad. Soon this facility will also be provided in Jinnah hospital Lahore and Nishtar Hospital Multan. Hopefully soon more machines will be installed in major hospitals of KPK, AJK, GB and Balochistan too.



Cost of Cyberknife Treatment in Pakistan

Cyberknife treatment cost in developed countries is from 50000 to 90000 dollars while in Pakistan it is being provided free of cost to those who can not afford. Overall cost of cyber knife treatment is also about 1000000 PKR but it also depends upon the size of tumor and hospital type.




CyberKnife is a highly precise form of radiation therapy used to effectively treat many types of cancer & other conditions. It offers many benefits, including the ability to target tumors & lesions with greater accuracy & with lower doses of radiation. Before undergoing CyberKnife treatment, it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions & to be aware of the potential risks & alternatives. More details have been given below in Urdu language about cyberknife in Pakistan.



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CyberKnife in Pakistan For Treatment of Cancer & Tumor, Comparison with Gamma Knife


CyberKnife in Pakistan For Treatment of Cancer & Tumor, Comparison with Gamma Knife