Career in Journalism Field, Jobs, Scope & Degrees

Career in Journalism and Mass Communication Field
It has been studied that this field of Journalism is one of the exciting and thrilling fields by far! It is a kind of job that gives you this chance to meet and interact with different kinds and sorts of people. You get to know about different communities. You also get a chance and opportunity to travel. You see the exciting places and learn a lot! For the information, the definition of Journalism is that it is the activity of journalists who are engaged and involved n the preparation of some written and audio material so that the general public can view it. If you want to become a journalist then it is a must for you to do justice with your work. You should have some basic and primary qualities so that you can easily discover and collect the desired information.

What is the role of journalist?
We are living in this modernized and also sophisticated age of world of information technology. It is the desire of each and every individual to become fully aware about its surroundings. It is these journalists that provide them with instant and updated information.


Career in Journalism Field, Jobs, Scope & Degrees

It is only the media that can be counted as the best source to get a reliable and instant information. We have seen that these days the dimensions of media are spreading in a rapid way day by day. We have the emergence of print media taht includes newspapers and also magazines. Then we have electronic media that includes Internet and also we have the Audio/Visual Media. We have the TV and Radio and all of the mediums are in need of journalists.

It is true that if you wants to be linked with Journalism then it is a highly and tough one responsible job. You should be highly and massively thrilling all the time. You must have an inquisitive kind of bent of mind. You should be good in writing. The journalist should have excellent communication skills
As we know that different and varied fields like that of politics and art and also economics, business and sports, entertainment, they are covered by journalists. If you want to be the part of this field then you should have a command on your general knowledge.

What are the career options in this field of journalism?
Job of reporter
If you want to associate yourself with this thrilling and exciting field of journalism, then you can become a reporter. Though it is a low level job but here you will learn a lot. You will report from the different sites and cities.
Job of talk show host
You can become a talk show host. It is an interesting job. If you have a command on your language and you can throw questions on the politicians and other personalities then you should become a talk show host.
Job of a news anchor
You can too become a news anchor. If you do have a presentable personality then you should opt for this news anchor job. Here are some other jobs in the field of journalism and mass communication;

Sub Editor

Feature Writer


Proof Reader


Technical Staff








You can go for this journalism field because it is an extremely interesting field!




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