Career Counseling on Top Ten Alternative of FSc Pre Medical in Pakistan

Career Counseling on Scope of Latest FSc Courses in Pakistan
If we talk on the traditional and general level then we have seen that just two of the categories are part of these FSc studies and they are pre medical and pre engineering. Some of the students like to pursue for DAE studies as it is also considered and marked equivalent to that of the FSc level studies. These days, we are seeing lots of news categories in this main branch of FSc and here we are going to have a complete discussion on them:

Top Ten

Career Counseling on Top Ten Alternative of FSc Pre Medical in Pakistan

Scope of Latest FSc Courses in Pakistan
1–You can be the part of FSc medical technology group. For the information, by becoming the part of this category and group, you will learn about the allied health sciences subjects.

2-Then we have the FSc operation theater technology group and you can call this group with the name of FSc surgical as well. By studying this program, you can work in the private or public hospitals and you will mainly be enrolled and posted in the operation theater facility.

3-You can do your inter FSc studies in the x-ray technology category or in the radiology group. We know that it is one of the sensitive tasks to make use of the doppler x-ray machines, for the reason that this group is introduced for the students.

4-Doing FSC AT is another recommended option for you, this group of study is linked to the anesthesia technology program. This is a strong job oriented program and it is highly recommended to the medical background inter students to study this program.

More List of Latest FSc Courses in Pakistan
5-We have FSc medical imaging technology option for you. By studying this program, you can well be able to handle to tasks related to MRI, CT scan, the use of nuclear medicine imaging machines.

6-You can even pursue for the FSc dental technology program or the other name this category, it is the dental hygiene program. Every single dentist, they are in need of dental technologist professionals, that is why it will be better if you opt this program.

7-We have FSc OPT program for the students, this is termed as opthalmic technology program or you can call it with the name of vision science. This is a demanded field these days as it will make to become an eye vision expert.

8-Moving on to the FSc PHY program which is the physiotherapy technology program, this program has a lot of scope and it is hence best for the students if they get ready to choose this program.

9-This FSc MLT program which is the medical lab technology program, we know that the demand of medical lab technicians is getting high and so do the demand of this program.

10-The last option for FSc students, they can go for FSc homeopathic sciences studies. For more details about this program read our post on DHMS.

You can stay tuned and all the FSc students will know about the more information that which other courses they can opt, study and pursue. If you have questions on these latest courses which are related to FSc background, let us know and we will answer.