Career Counseling on Scope of Biochemical Engineering in Pakistan (Urdu-English)

Career & Scope of Biomedical Engineering or Biochemical Engineering in Urdu and English
The field of biochemical engineering is getting a boost and much encouragement from the side of students. In Pakistan, we have now so many established universities which offer this biochemical engineering program. Even after your MBBS studies, you can do your masters education in this field. One of the top jobs which you can do and perform in this field line it is the job as a research associate and in this job, you will do the cell signaling as well as protein analysis. Then another job is to become a technical support engineer and this is job is linked to the provision of technical support.

Duties in Field of Biochemical Engineering
If you are working in this biochemical engineering field, it means you will be designing all sort of biochemical equipments like that of artificial internal organs and you will be diagnosing medical issues and problems. Then you will be educating regarding the safety and too effectiveness of any biochemical equipment. You have to train your junior clinicians and you will be doing an intensive research on the engineering aspects. The professional linked to this field has to prepare all types of procedures along with the technical reports. He has to present and show up the research findings.

Where to Work?
If you have entered in this field then you can work in the biomechanic sector, in this sector you will study the details of mechanics like that of thermodynamics and you need to solve biological problems. Then you can work for the clinical engineering sector, in this sector, the person has to apply medical technology so that he can optimize the measures of health care delivery. You can work with the team of health care workers or with the team of scientists, you can collaborate with other engineers and then work on the specified project.

How to Become a Biochemical Engineer?
First you should have the complete and official bachelors degree in this subject. If the student has a related and linked engineering field then he can apply in any of these field job posts as well. It is a traditional engineering degree program which is high in demand. You should have studied the science courses in your high school like subjects of physics, biology and chemistry.

Qualities Required in Biochemical Engineers
You should have communication skills, creativity, math skills, problem solving skills in your personality. Math skills are important because in this field you will apply the principles of calculus too.

Career & Scope of Biochemical Engineering Field
You can surely work as an engineering manager, this is job you will do the complete planning and processing the activities for your engineering company. You can become a biochemist or work as a biophysicist. This job is about the study of biological processes. You can become a chemical engineer, in this specific job you will apply the whole and complete principles of physics, maths, chemistry subjects.

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Career Counseling on Scope of Biochemical Engineering in Pakistan (Urdu-English)

Career Counseling on Scope of Biochemical Engineering in Pakistan (Urdu-English)