Career as a Lecturer in Pakistan, Scope, Tips, Salary (Urdu & English Guide)

How To Become a Lecturer in Pakistan? Career, Scope, Golden Tips & Pay
Whenever we hear this term lecturer, the college and university environment comes back to our mind. In Pakistan, we are seeing many people who are wishing to become lecturer professionals. On this page, you can have guidance that what can be the career & scope of this lecturer post, what are the tips to be and survive in this professional line and how much will be your pay! It is one of the noble professions and quite convenient to carry and get along especially for girls.

Eligibility to Become a Lecturer
This post of lecturer, it is of BS-17 grade scale no matter you are enrolled or posted in the public sector university or in the private sector university. In the past days, we saw that individuals used to get their posting as a lecturer when they passed their MA exam in the second division or when they used to pass their B.ed exam and then their M.ed exam. But now the higher education of commission of Pakistan has changed the criteria to be on this post.

You need to have MS education or you should have education up to Mphil to be on the post of lecturer ship. It means you should have 18 years of education.

How to Apply for The Post of Lecturer-ship?
You can go through different newspapers and different websites of colleges and universities, on these platforms, you will find many opportunities to get hired on the job post of lecturer ship. Normally for the government level universities, you will sit for the written test and on the other hand for private level universities and institutions, you will be directly called for the demo and interview.

Why to Become a Lecturer? Scope of Lecturer
It is one of the rewarding career lines, no doubt that it is a rewarding job and you will enjoy this job span a lot. This job will tell you that how can you deal with the extreme amount of discipline problems. Then this job involves a high amount of training session time. On every single day, you are trained that how proper student engagement time can be carried out. This job is actually one of the flexible job lines we have in Pakistan, you can work as a visiting faculty and enjoy flexible working session.

Skills Required in a Lecturer
You should have an excellent ability to work well with a bunch and team of people. You need to have organization skills, presentation skills and communication skills in your personality. It is important for this lecturer ship post that you should know about team work concept line and you should be 100% expert and professional in your subject line. Your written skills have to be excellent as well.

This is how the track and path of lecturer-ship post goes on and on in our country Pakistan. If you also have MS or Mphil degree then apply in this career line too.

Career as a Lecturer in Pakistan, Scope, Tips, Salary (Urdu & English Guide)

Career as a Lecturer in Pakistan, Scope, Tips, Salary (Urdu & English Guide)