Career Counseling Comparison Between O-Level & Matriculation in Pakistan

Career Counseling Tips, O-Level Vs Matric in Pakistan
Many students are confused that which education is better in all aspects, whether it is this O-level education system or it is better to simply become a matriculation degree holders. We will give you complete details. Both of these degrees have their certain plus and bad sides.

O-Level Vs Matriculation- Which One to Go For?
This matriculation education, it is not recognized at the global level. On the other hand, if you will become the part of this O-level system then your degree will be recognized at a global level.


Career Counseling Comparison Between O-Level & Matriculation in Pakistan

The syllabus of this Cambridge education system, it is more comprehensive as well as activity based as compared to the syllabus which is taught to the matric class students. These matriculation grade students, they more focus on ratta learning approach which is dangerous for them.

It is these international scale educationists who prepare and compile the syllabus for these O-level and A-level classes. And we have local scale and local level educationists who make up the syllabus for these 9th and 10th classes.

The Factor of Global Recognition
As this international level education is globally recognized. And those students who have got local education, they might have to face difficulties when seeking admission in foreign universities.

The Element of Medium of Instruction
In this O-level education, the medium of instruction is English and nothing else. But in the local examination boards, students can attempt paper either in English or Urdu language.

Fees Structure
The fees structure of this O-level education system, it is quite high. One can easily pay the fees for these matriculation level system. Like if the fee on the per month basis for these 9th and 10th classes are 5000 Rs. Then these Cambridge grade students have to pay around Rs 20000 on a per month basis.

Grading System
This Cambridge system of education, they follow international grading system. But these local Pakistan boards, they compile results on the basis of marks. This marks scoring criteria has become an outdated one. And grading system should be opted and implemented in this local exam system too.

Testing Methods
There is a great difference in terms of the testing methods in between these education systems. O-level students are marked on their conceptual power. And matric class students are scored on their memory power potential.

Teaching Methods
And the next important point which really gives an edge to these Cambridge scale students, it is their teaching methods. Here international teaching methods are implemented. And matric class students are taught with local teaching standards. These matriculation students have an edge while appearing in MCAT, ECAT tests. Because the grades of these O-level and A-level students have to be converted into marks and this brings a lot of difference in their total percentage.

Keep connected with us and you can let us know about your preference, like whether you prefer this O-level study or you want to be in the matriculation study mode. More points on these education versions will be shared with you.

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