Cadet College Sanghar Admission 2024, Prospectus & Entry Test Result

Cadet College Sanghar Admission 2024 in Class 8th, 9th & 11th, Last Date, Form

Cadet College Sanghar has invited applications for admission 2024 in 8th class. Limited seats are also available on self finance based in class 9th and 1st year. Applications will be received only on prescribed forms. Applications will be received from 17 December, 2023. Interested candidates can get application form with prospectus from the designated places. Complete list of these places has been given in the newspaper ad. For receiving prospectus by post kindly send 3000 rupees.



Cadet College Sanghar Admission 2024 Schedule

Dully filled application forms will be received till 20 Jan, 2024 in Cadet College Sanghar. Late applications will be received with 1000 extra fee till 4th February, 2024. Attach demand draft of 1000 rupees in favor of Principal Cadet College Sanghar with the late application form. No application will be received after this extended date. Follow the instructions given in prospectus before filling the form.


Top Ten Facilities in Cadet College Sanghar

Pre Army Training

Cadet College Sanghar provides pre army training to its cadets for preparing them for future careers in the armed forces. This pre cadet college has a dedicated staff of military personnel who oversee training in areas like parade, military tactics, physical fitness & leadership skills.



Academic Excellence

This prec cadet college focuses on academic excellence & it provides a conducive learning environment for its students. It has well-qualified faculty members who impart quality education & help students achieve their academic goals.



Sports Facilities

Cadet College Sanghar offers lot of sports facilities to promote physical fitness & overall development. The college has grounds for all major sports and indoor games. By offering this facilities college administration want to make cadets super fit.



Co-curricular Activities

The college encourages students to participate in various co-curricular activities to enhance their unpolished skills & hidden talents. It has literary societies in English, Urdu & Sindhi that organize debates, declamation contests & other literary activities. The college also organizes cultural events, talent shows & educational trips to broaden students’ horizons.



Well-equipped Laboratories

Cadet College Sanghar has well-equipped laboratories for practical training of science subjects. These labs provide hands-on experience & facilitate practical learning.




The pre cadet college has a well-stocked library with a wide range of educational and military books, reference materials & digital resources. The main library provides a quiet and conducive environment for students to study and conduct research.



Internet Facility

Cadet College Sanghar provides internet facilities to its students both in campus and hostels. This facility is free but restricted to day time only.



Hostel Accommodation

The CCSanghar provides comfortable & secure hostel accommodation for its students. The hostels are equipped with all necessary facilities to ensure a conducive living environment for the boarders.



Medical Facilities

Cadet College Sanghar has 2 medical center with qualified medical staff both in campus and hostel to provide healthcare services to the pre cadets. The medical center is equipped to handle minor ailments & emergencies.



Career Counseling

The CC Sanghar offers career counseling services to guide students in making informed decisions about their future career paths. Experienced career counselors provide guidance & support to help students explore different career options & make the right choices.




Written Entry Test

Written entry test is mandatory for admission 2024. This admission test will be about English, Urdu/Sindi, Mathematics and General Science. On 0th of February, 2024 written entry test will be conducted in Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpur Khas, Nawab Shah, Sukkur, Larkana and Sanghar college campus. On clearing the written entry test candidates will be called for interview and medical examination at college campus. For any kind of query kindly call officer in-charge admission Cadet College Sanghar at telephone number 0235-548126. List of available seats and other details are available in Cadet College Sanghar. Details have also been given in Urdu language in the form of newspaper ad below this page. For preparation of entry test kindly read our following post and 2 online tests.


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Final Words

Remember that the admission process for Cadet College Sanghar has been a rigorous & competitive one. The prospectus provided all the information necessary for interested candidates to apply for admission 2024. The entry test result will also be provided on this page of,pk & those who have been successful will have the opportunity to receive a quality education and pre military training at the college. We congratulate all the successful future officers of Pak army, navy and PAF. We also wish them the best of luck in their future in armed forces of Pakistan.


Cadet College Sanghar Admission 2024, Prospectus & Entry Test Result


Cadet College Sanghar Admission 2023, Prospectus & Entry Test Result