Cadet College Khushab Admission 2024, Model Paper, Form, Result

Cadet College Khushab Admission 2024 Announced from Class 6th to 9th

Cadet College Khushab opens confirmations of admission 2024 for the session starting in current session from class sixth to eleventh. Cadet school Khushab is one of the greatest and the most reliable cadet colleges of Pakistan that furnishes complete home office with appropriate training for cadets. Students who want to apply in Cadet College Khushab can download detailed admission 2024 structures and plan from the official website  Cadet College Khushab got greatest accomplishment in 2014, when the then Governor of Punjab. Mr. Chaudary Sarwar awarded the college administration for the outstanding academic achievements for the young Pakistan. Every year a large number of students join the institution from class 6th to 11th.



Why join the Cadet College Khushab?

Located at the height of 3,000 feet, it covers a large area of 1,000 Kanals in the healthy and beautiful location of Son Sakesar. The college is safe and secure and filled with all the facilities needed by the students to do every academic task easily. The Cadet College Khushab is headed by seasoned board of governors including retired officials from the armed forces and also the great educationists. The institute not just provides valuable academic services but guides the students in a better way if they intend to join the armed forces after completing their intermediate. The large building holds the key features for facilitating the students. Being a boarding college the parents and the students are equally concerned about the residential facilities. The college holds a large hostel building facilitated with large rooms, mosque, dining room, a comfortable lounge area, etc. the students get ample opportunities to enjoy a healthy atmosphere by maintaining a great balance between the academics and co-curricular activities.



Currently the school is enjoying the leadership and mentoring of Colonel Safdar Abbas who has previously worked as the principal of Cadet College Skardu.



Eligibility Criteria for Admission 2024 in Cadet College Khushab:

The students are selected according to the criteria similar to that of getting admission 2024 in the other cadet colleges.



Financial Support & Admission 2024 under Quota:

There is a scholarship scheme including special concessions for the students getting admission with 85% or more. There are special seats reserved for the ex-employees of Pakistan air force.



Why Cadet College Khushab?

Cadet College Khushab is a military prep school in Pakistan that focuses on imparting education & training to young pre cadets to prepare them for roles in the military and academics. Cadet College Khushab aims to provide comprehensive services to ensure a well-rounded development of their students. Here are some of the key facilities that you can found at Cadet College Khushab;


Academic Facilities

Well-equipped classrooms with audio-video teaching aids.
Science laboratories for practical experiments & learning.
A library with a wide collection of books, dictionaries, encyclopedias and digital resources.


Residential Facilities

Dormitories or barracks with necessary amenities for pre cadets.
Mess hall or dining facilities for providing nutritious meals.


Sports & Physical Training Facilities

Sports grounds for cricket, hockey, football & athletics.
Indoor sports facilities like squash courts, table tennis & badminton.
Gymnasium for physical fitness & training.


Pre Military Training Facilities

Obstacle & assault courses for physical and military training.
Parades grounds for drills & ceremonies.
Mock Firing ranges for practice (based on the curriculum & age-appropriate training.


Health & Medical Facilities

On-campus medical clinic with basic healthcare services.
Access to medical professionals & emergency care.


IT Infrastructure

Computer lab with internet connectivity for research & learning.
Technology integration in teaching & campus communication.


Extracurricular Activities

Clubs and societies for debates, music, arts & various hobbies.
National Cadet Corps NCC type military-oriented extracurricular activities.


Counseling & Support Services

Career counseling & personal development guidance.
Support for application to higher education & armed forces academies.


Vehicles for off-campus expeditions & administrative use.
Arrangements for pick & drop of day scholars if applicable



Admission 2024 in Cadet College Khushab:

The candidates looking forward to get the admission 2024 can find the details of the admission on the college website. After acquiring the admissions forms the candidates are required to submit as per the last date mentioned in the forms. The tests for admission 2024 will also be conducted .


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Cadet College Khushab Admission 2024, Model Paper, Form, Result


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