Cadet College Jhang 1st Year Admission 2024, Apply Online, Entry Test Result

Cadet College Jhang 11th Class Online Registration/Admission 2024, Entrance Test Result

Jhang was earlier famous for its agricultural productions but now this ancient city has come forward with a new recognition i.e city with some great educational institutions. Cadet College Jhang is one of these renowned educational institutes. Its a fully air conditioned residential cadet college. Cadet College Jhang has impressive academic record. Its alumni are working on higher posts in different law enforcement agencies and defence forces of Pakistan. Some are studying in renowned medical and engineering colleges. If you want to join this prestigious group of successful persons then take admission in Cadet College Jhang as early as possible. Few days earlier CCJ invited applications for admission 2024 in 1st year.



Points To Remember

CCJ is a proud project of new Horizon group of companies. Group has invested millions of rupees in building the state of the art infrastructure of Cadet College Jhang. College has all the facilities of modern era like well stocked library, fully equipped science and IT labs and fully furnished hostels. C.C.J has been serving the community for more than a decade. There are two separate campuses of Cadet College Jhang for boys and girls. College is affiliated with Pakistan Air Force and Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.



Cadet College Jhang Admission 2024 in 1st Year (Procedure & Schedule)

Cadet College Jhang will continue registration for 11th class admission 2024 till 00 Aug, 2024 while test will be organized later on.

Admission 2024 has 4 following steps.
First of all candidates will have to get themselves registered for 1st year admission 2024.
In the second stage they will appear in an online written entry test.
Successful candidates in online entry test will be called for interview in the campus.
Then candidates will appear in medical test. On receiving admission confirmation letter students will join the 1st year classes after submitting the dues.



Link for online admission 2024 has been given below. You can apply online without buying prospectus. Registration fee for inter part 1 admission 2024 in Cadet College Jhang is 1000 rupees. Submit the registration fee in MCB Nawaz Chowk Jhang Saddar Branch A/C # 0239623371004101.


For guidance about online entry test take our following online quizzes. These online tests will help you in understanding the format of online admission test.


Military College Entry Test, Online MCQs, Sample Paper


Cadet College Admission Test, Online MCQs, Sample Paper



Facilities in Cadet College Jhang

Cadet College Jhang is an pre military educational institution in Pakistan which is aimed at providing a high standard of education along with physical training & mental development. It prepare the students for leadership roles in armed forces of Pakistan. This pre cadet college typically offers a variety of facilities to support the diverse needs of cadets. Here below we are going to share details about facilities offered in this pre cadet college;


Academic Facilities:

Classrooms: Well-equipped, ventilated rooms have been designed for interactive learning.
Science Laboratories: Modern labs are there in campus for subjects like Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
Computer Labs: IT lab is equipped with modern computers & internet access to aid learning.
Library: A stocked library is there in campus with a wide range of books, periodicals & educational materials.


Residential Facilities:

Hostel: Comfortable living quarters are there in campus for boarding students with necessary amenities.
Mess/Dining Hall: Hostel provides nutritious meals in a communal dining environment.
Medical Center: On-campus health services are provided to cadets for addressing medical needs & emergencies.


Sports and Physical Training Facilities:

Sports Grounds: Fields & courts are there in campus and hostel for cricket, football, hockey, basketball & other sports.
Swimming Pool: This facility is available for aquatic training & leisure.
Gymnasium: A gym with equipment for physical fitness & strength training.
Obstacle Course: This course is designed for physical endurance & agility training.


Other Facilities:

Mosque: An on site mosque has been constructed for students to perform their daily prayers. There is also a praying are in hostel.
Auditorium: Its a space for events , assemblies & cultural activities.
Cafeteria: Its an area where students can buy snacks & drinks during breaks.
Tuck Shop: A shop providing students with stationery & other essentials.



Support & Development:

Counseling Services: Through these services guidance is provided for students’ academic & personal issues.
Career Guidance: Helping students with university decisions & career planning.
Extracurricular Activities: Clubs & societies are there for debate, arts , science & more.




Security Personnel: Trained staff have been hired to ensure the safety of students & faculty.
Surveillance Systems: CCTV & other monitoring systems have been installed in college and hostel to maintain a secure environment.


Cadet College Jhang, like other military prep schools, aims to produce students who are well-rounded , disciplined & ready for the challenges of higher education & leadership roles. These facilities play a crucial role in fulfilling this mission by creating an environment conducive to learning & growth.


Please note that the exact facilities available can vary and it’s important to check directly with Cadet College Jhang for the most accurate and current information.


Cadet College Jhang Contact Details

Phone Numbers—-+92-345-8410040, 047-9200478



Conclusion for Cadet College Jhang 1st Year Admission 2024

In summary Cadet College Jhang offers a comprehensive educational framework for students seeking admission 2024 to the 1st Year program. Prospective pre cadets are encouraged to take advantage of the streamlined online application process to secure their candidacy. The institution prides itself on its rigorous selection procedure, including an entry test designed to assess the potential & aptitude of applicants. As the results are made available, successful candidates will embark on an educational journey characterized by academic excellence , physical vigor & leadership development. Cadet College Jhang remains committed to its ethos of nurturing the leaders of tomorrow by making the admissions process a gateway to a future of discipline , knowledge & honor. Applicants & their families are advised to stay informed about the deadlines and criteria to ensure a smooth and timely application experience. Here is a link which you must visit right now for applying online to CCJ for admission 2024 in inter first year;


Click Here For Online Admission in Cadet College Jhang, Get Form & Result of Entry Test


Cadet College Jhang 1st Year Admission 2024, Apply Online, Entry Test Result

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